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Melissa Berry

Where You’ve Seen Her: Melissa Berry is said to be one of the hottest Lingerie Football League players in the country.  A linebacker for the Tampa Breeze, she is also a skilled athlete and of course, a model.  If only she was a pro wrestler.
Pointless Quote: "I hope I can be known for setting an example in the female athlete world."


6 Responses to "Melissa Berry"

  1. Shotgunmerc says:

    you either have no soul, a vagina, or are gay if you dont think she’s hot.

  2. Anonymousyee says:

    Fake boobs.

  3. Butze says:

    Who the hell cares… that sir is hot!

  4. Go Fuck Yourself says:

    Man, this fugly tranvestite’s already made an appearance on HT.

  5. DonkeyXote says:

    Bikini is on backwards, you silly goose!

  6. DonkeyXote says:

    …or inside out.

    Still she’s an impractical avian specimen! xD