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Men Think About Sex 18 Times A Day, Says Study; Not Every Seven Seconds

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You know that absurd statistic about how men think about sex “every seven seconds”? You know, the stat you’ve been hearing about your entire life but have never once had sourced, or have seen any official documentation about? Well, it turns out it might be wrong. Completely. Wrong by a wide margin.

According to some new research conducted by psychologist Terri Fisher, the average collage male thinks about sex roughly 18 times day. Eighteen as opposed to seven multiplied by however many seven-second intervals there are in a 24 period, which is math that I refuse to do, mostly because I couldn’t do it even if I tried really hard.

Fisher had 283 college students, some male and some female, keep a tally of every moment they thought about sex with one of those clicky counter thing-a-ma-bobers. You know, one of these…


Fisher concluded that women tend to think about sex around 9 times a day, with men doubling that amount per day yet coming nowhere near the regularly quoted stat of every 7 seconds.

The original “every seven seconds” stat is one of those folk tale-type of stats that everyone known yet can’t seem to remember learning it from an official source outside of their friends of family.


Clearly, the stat is pure BS. The closest bit of information I could find online that is similar in nature to the “every seven seconds” stat comes from the Mythbusters of the internet Snopes.com, in an article in which they tackle the “every seven seconds” stat head-on. Here’s an interesting snippet from their research, in which they declared the stat as false:


As you read, the nearest we can get to anything like the seven seconds is a report from the Kinsey Institute that basically just supports all of our preconceived notions: men think about boobs a lot.


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