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Michael Vick’s Prison Haiku

People take up strange hobbies in prison, just to pass the time.  Some people get tattoos.  Some people benchpress things.  Michael Vick spent his prison time writing haiku, and we managed to snag a page out of his haiku journal to prove it:

12 Responses to "Michael Vick’s Prison Haiku"

  1. vick should die says:

    vick i hope someone brutally murders your ass! your a piece of shit and if i could do the deed i would!

  2. fuck you says:

    this sucks!

  3. Bill Nye, The Rape Guy says:

    Actually queers don’t laugh at everything. It’s crazy, I know, but sometimes they hear jokes and just….nothing.

  4. I hate u says:

    everything is funny to queers

  5. Bill Nye, The Rape Guy says:

    No, these are fucking funny.

  6. Phlop says:

    These are retarded and not funny at all. If you think these are funny, please go run into a bullet.

  7. TheInfragableKrunk says:

    Lmao. These are good.

  8. Oh well says:

    Coulda been better…I expect more from HolyTaco.
    Also, give the guy a break…I mean, if your going to dis him, at least have some good jokes in it….

    (Morris… be calm.)

  9. hapless victim says:

    lost me too, except I can relate to the bestiality bit.

  10. Deepsouth says:

    Fuck that, the atlanta one and doggy style were awesome.

  11. nizzle says:

    wow. this really really sucked.

  12. haikuter says:

    funny stuff