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Michelle Hunziker

Age: 31

Where you’ve seen her: Michelle Hunziker is a Swiss actress who appears in mainly German and Italian TV shows that haven’t bee translated into English.

MILF status: In 1996 some sperm penetrated one of her eggs and a tiny human slid out of her vagina. So, in short, yes, she is a MILF.

Pointless quote: “I love Shopping and Music

6 Responses to "Michelle Hunziker"

  1. wayne says:

    “Actress” is an overstatement. she was mostly a presenter in italian tv-shows, and longtime wife of eros ramazotti, an italian singer who is famous for gawdawful lovesongs. she played in like one movie for a few minutes and is now mostly paparazzi-victim and always a good page-filler for swiss and italian yellow-papers. i i couldn’t think of anything she’s involved in at the moment that would resemble any kind of work. her ass is good though.

  2. Ché says:

    That picture looks a lot like this one


  3. Boner says:

    Who cares if she acts or can cook bacon… that is a very delicious tall glass of ass. I think she is a baby oil buttocks tester, and is quite good at it.

  4. b. dylan says:

    “i love shopping, music, and silicone tits!” says she

  5. loverboy says:

    my mouth is ready to taste her entire sexy and hot body and my small brother is ready to mess her all night

  6. init says:

    try me… you’ll see…. on 1 to 10 i rate you michelle at 8… tsup!!!