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Michelle McLaughlin Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Michelle McLaughlin was 2008′s February Playmate.  She’s also been in several International Playboy magazines, but in recent news has gotten engaged to former MLB player F.P. Santangelo, officially making her a WAG now.
Pointless Quote: "Pirates are much cooler than Ninjas."


7 Responses to "Michelle McLaughlin Pictures"

  1. DonkeyXote says:


  2. Stewy Griffinâ„¢ says:

    I gather your inability to come up with witty lines of your own represents to a vast extent your lack of man-meat. Be honest with yourself, the only fond memories you have of bubble baths with another individual other than your own date back to your childhood when mommy bathed you.

    f agrees.

  3. Fister says:

    Man that bubble bath picture brings back some memories. Good luck with her F.P. Santangelo and treat my ex well. I must say that having to hit that after me must seem like you are trying to throw a hotdog down a hallway…you are welcome!

  4. Jo Dean says:

    Now that girl is PERFECT! Wow, she is just so F I N E!


  5. Pac-Man says:

    That is the best pointless quote any of the taco belles ever had. So much in fact, that it transcends pointlessness and becomes AWESOME.

  6. BigBlackMac says:

    Whaaat?! Class of Notre Dame ’04..go Tigers! I guess playing on the soccer field made her even waaaay hotter. Way to go, Michelle…you stay classy.