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Might as Well Draw a Dick On My Face Now

That’s right!  Absinthe is now legal in the states!  For those of you who’ve been to Europe, you probably remember Absinthe as the liquor you drank right before you swore you witnessed an Amsterdam hooker fly out of her window and throw a lightning bolt at your penis.  According to an article in sfgate.com, the liqour, which reportedly causes hallucinations, is now becoming legal in the United States.

“Earlier this year, a lone Washington, D.C., lawyer took on the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau in an attempt to lift the ban.  After some legal wrangling, the agency agreed.”

Wow.  See, one man can make a difference.  I refuse to listen to any more complaints from potheads.  Dust the Funyuns off and make a difference.

So is Absinthe really that dangerous?

“Look, Absinthe is bad the way Jack Daniels is bad, the way Skyy vodka is bad.  The worst component is the alcohol.  If you drink too much, something bad will happen.,” says Robert Lehrman, the aforementioned freedom fighter.

Maybe.  But I’ve never drank Jack Daniels then angrily challenged a floating panda in a race to circumnavigate the globe.

5 Responses to "Might as Well Draw a Dick On My Face Now"

  1. Frego says:

    Yeh the hallucinogenic version of it is illegal pretty much everywhere but the regular stuff doesnt cause any. shots of absynth suck tho, they burn all the way down.

  2. quarrygirl says:

    absinthe is GREAT, but it makes you feel tired and sick in the morning…even after just one dose!

  3. FILMAC says:

    …all we need now is the sugar cubes! =)

  4. Free Jane Midwige says:

    Anyone ever had Absinthe…on weed?

  5. Blake Williams says:

    there are no halucinations. you just get drunk off of it.