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Miley Cyrus Is Very Naughty

When I was sixteen, my brother picked the lock to my bathroom and snapped a picture of me taking a shit fully nude, while reading a Cosmopolitan magazine. A year later that picture was slipped by my brother, in to my aunt’s slideshow presentation of her trip to Greece, that she shared at our family reunion. That was embarrassing. The picture of above that Miley Cyrus took for Vanity Fair, eh, not as embarrassing as she thinks. People.com reports:

“My goal in my music and my acting is always to make people happy. For Vanity Fair, I was so honored and thrilled to work with Annie [Leibovitz]. I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be ‘artistic’ and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed.”

I love how the people who manage female child stars, Disney included, TOTALLY want to exploit the fact that they’re attractive and that men want to have sex with them, but when anyone ever mentions that something these girls do has a sexual overtone to it, they respond with “We are horrified that this happened. This is not something we condone.” Really? It’s not? Gee, what the F&^K did you think was going to happen when the photographer told Miley “Hey, can you take off your shirt and then wrap this thin sheet over the bottom part of your boobs?”

No, they don’t stop shit like this because they WANT people to want to screw Miley Cyrus because then people will buy and watch shit that Miley Cyrus is in so that they can jerk off to it.  If that happens, not only will they have the child demographic who loves her, they’ll also have the jerking off demographic, which, I think we can all agree, spends AT LEAST as much money purchasing things as the child demographic.  Anyway, I digress. The photo above is nothing to be embarrassed about. When I first read that she was embarrassed about a picture, I thought I was going to see something like this:

56 Responses to "Miley Cyrus Is Very Naughty"

  1. Anonymous says:

    What the HELL is that supposed to mean??? Every teenage girl has a right to POSE without clothes on??? I’m a teenage girl and i’m not going to pose naked in a satin sheet…

  2. ~Mrs`Boss~ says:

    finally this girl is showing some skin. she will be the next lindsey lohan but even worse with her singing career. plus i beleive taylor swift should have won the best teen music award! she should’ve at least been on the nominees list!

  3. Anonymous says:

    HA! Idk about you but there is something in my family called MORALS. And ya that means not taking your clothes off for a photogrpher and wrapping a soft satin sheet around yourself, to become a sex icon for men around the country. Seriously, I am a teenage girl and I would never pose like that for anyone. And thats another thing, I have an awesome life, I just find it sad that MILEY CYRUS has to pose naked to feel sexy and beautiful. GOD why don’t you get a life, or better yet, get some MORALS, a novel Idea i know, but try.
    Have a nice day :D

  4. Anonymous says:

    You’re ignorant. These photographs are the only worth-while endeavor Miley Cyrus has undertaken. You like to pretend that every woman with the pure confidence to pose partially nude for an artistic photograph is some sort of slut for money, simply because you are jealous that they have character. Which you so desperately crave and lack yourself.

    These photographs are not pornographic in the least. They show no genitalia nor her breasts. It would be a challenge for me personally to obtain an erection from viewing Hannah Montana fully covered in a sheet.

    But maybe in your highly moral family, your father jerks off to massive amounts of pornography and is most likely an alcoholic or a drug addict.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Every person has the right to do WHATEVER the hell they please. Obviously, you are simply not as self confident or as comfortable with your body as Miley Cyrus. Nor do you have the brain capacity to notice the artistic quality of these photographs. Shut the fuck up, hoe.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dude it’s all for publicity. I dont think that pic was very bad, I mean it was not even nude. Unless you consider it omish porn. But she is just a teen age girl.

  7. ShuShu says:

    OMG WTF!!!!!?!??!?!?

    this is the picture everyone is complaing and talking crap abt OMG!!!!!!!!! its just her back teens & ppl where shirts with thier backs out everyday and no one says anything its just because she’s famous that anyone cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that is so stupid and everyone thats talking crap
    there is no real reason for you to dislike her.
    your just trying to find someone to talk abt becasue your lives and so pathetic and boring.

    thanks have a nice day :D

  8. Anonymous says:

    u guys ur soOo frken gay!!! worry about ur damn self!! all i gotte tah say is dat she purty…yall just hatin cuz she better looken den yall…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Not all teens have the opportunity to model for famous professional photographers. The photographer in this case, I believe reading was FEMALE herself.

    These photographs have artistic value. None of you seem to bother noticing.

  10. Jenna Tuberville says:

    listen ppl i ceen that miley photo shes lying it was on the nuse she posed 4 that photo! if u dont b leev me search it! miley is a back stabbing lier and she needs 2 leev nick jonas alone! she is beaking his heart!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I think that people need to realize that shes just doing what shes told to do and that its not her fault that they want pictures like that. Why cant everyone just leave her alone. Just cuz shes famous dont mean everyone needs to pick her apart. She isnt any different than any of us except she can sing and act. So everyone needs to quit hatin and let her be. The picture looks fine theres worse out there but you dont hear any bullshit about them what the fucks up with that?!

  12. cherrycola5 says:

    big deal it shows a little of her back so wat dosnt mean everybody has to say omg shes half naked get a life ppl

  13. Anonymous says:

    she is a fucking whore! I hope she drops dead one day!

  14. Get a F***ing Life!!! says:

    oh my Gee you ppl are fricken sick do you hear yourselfs your bitching more to each other than about miley i mean for god sakes there was one guy telling someone hes glad there sister died and that he hopes they die too and then your all calling each other stupid and bithes and whores its fricken rediculous we all have our own opinions and you dont need to be hattin on each other GOD DAMN yall need to grow up i mean sme of you are adults and thats just fucking sad. Is your life so damn horrible that you have to rip on others to make your self feel good?? GOD YOU PPL MAKE ME SO DAMN SICK YALL NEED TO GROW UP AND GET A GOD DAMN LIFE!!!

  15. Makayla says:

    She is still my best best friend any way she cold have babys thats it!!! suckers!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Guys shut up!! I dont like Miley Cyrus but I still think people should stop picking at her for this. If you havent realized, SHES 15!! Every 15 year old girl in the country is trying to be sexy right now and they can if they want to. Get over it and let her be a teen!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    she went to the photoshoot and they told her to do it it wasnt like she walked in there and was like “hey i think im going to take my shirt off and wrap this little sheet around myself. she isnt being a whore or anything like that. so SHUT UP already….

  18. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, I don’t think she expected this to come to a huge breakout. She’s just another person too. I honestly, think that if people want to talk shit about this girl, talk about her if you personally know her and talk to her personally on a regular basis.

  19. gva says:

    i hope you read this message cuz miley you are one of the dummest girls in the world i have ever met!!!!!

    And trust me girl that does not atract guys so get a life and some one to listen to your problems cuz you iz not getting a man even if you try….unless they gay.. and i bet the guy you are with right now is gay…. so get a life .. miss montana..if thats what you want to be called …you wanna be brat……

  20. ahill says:

    so what i do get is why society as a whole has to hate on those who have talent to be better then the rest of society. she is just a kid so grow up your making yourself sound like an idiot. its not like she is going around telling people her problem and apparently she has a life. i mean she is making more money than you at the age she is. so quit bitchin over nothing. i mean if hating someone that is better then you at something put some spice in your life then i guess youre the one that really needs to get a life. dont you think?

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. ahill says:

    i meant dont get,

  23. AlcoLOL says:

    Wait, I don’t really read your posts about Miley Cyrus because she is a spoiled bitch, but why is there a picture of Marilyn Manson? Is it possible that she has a 3rd alter-ego? She should have another ego, like Amy Arizona, where she fights crime in the music business. That would be awesome. One minute she is the spoiled bitch Miley Cyrus, the next minute she is the spoiled bitch Hannah Montana, Then she’s a badass superhero, who kicks the asses of musicians like Ashley Simpson, making the business an undesirable and horrible place.

  24. Mr. Balls says:

    I am so sick of this little cunt I want to vomit. Seriously, I threw up in my mouth a little while reading this article.

    Her success just proves that kids really have no taste in what is actually entertaining. Teletubbies, Pokemon, and Hannah Montana the pinnacle of childhood entertainment? Children are stupid and have poor taste.

    Oh, and she is very unattractive too.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Ur Extremely Rude. Never Fckn Call Hannah Montanna A Cunt! Thats Just Nasty! And Just So U kNOW My Lil Sisters Died Of Cancer And Her Dying Wish Was Too Meet Hannah Montanna But She Left Us Too Soon! SO unless U HAVE Something Plesent to Say Dnt Say Anything AT ALL!!!

  26. Pratik says:

    Why is the whole damn world wrapped up in Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus and whoever else she is? Jesus Christ. I love how all her fans are all outraged at these pictures that got taken of her. Isn’t this how it goes for every damn female child star? Give a few years after puberty and they all turn into full-blown hoes on magazine covers. And these ass-clowns are acting all surprised.

    I know what they’re thinking, these brainless assholes who worship this high school chick. “Oh no, Miley is different.” “Miley would never do such a thing.” “My daughter adores Miley because she’s totally awesome.” “I want to put my ding-dong in her poop-chute.” And so on.

    Plus she looks like a freak on in that picture. Justin (or whoever comments on these things), why don’t you look at the late Heath Ledger’s Joker picture and then compare it to the Miley picture. Pay attention to the lips, especially.


  27. Frank says:

    It looks like she just got done eating a baby. She has to do it to stay young looking and stuff.

  28. jefmcc0718 says:

    Miley Cirus is a teen, do you think she’s gonna act any different then any other teen girl, then your all smokin crack!

  29. Anonymous says:

    im i teenage girl and i would never do that!!! if u really think that most girls act like that then ur a perv cuz all the girls i know would never pose naked with a cloth around themselves

  30. John says:

    So by your standards all teens should behave like pre-teen skanks, whore themselves out for money in racy mini-skirts, take suggestive pictures of themselves, advocate teenage sexuality by lying in their boyfriends arms and pulling their shirts up to show their green bra and finally shoving their tongues down their throat. Also, expect their parents to just be dandy with it because they are “teenagers” and in Miley’s case as walking talking money making machine?

    A fine portrait you’re painting for the future generation.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Amen John. Amen.

  32. Joe Mamma says:

    who gives a fu** if they talk why would you care we all know shes a dirty little _ _ _ _ fill in the blank .the majority of her audience are little kids and you know what. what this article says is very true .so shut up and blow it out your ass, MF!

  33. ashira says:

    yall need 2 stp talking about her wat is it y yall dont want leve her alone she haven’t did yall nut10 like that i hated when yall do that makes me sick she is my favorted girl i have every thinh about her i hate who evers talking bout her …………

    ps. let her be herself

  34. ahill says:

    shit i agree. everyone is pickin a bone with her cause she has a talent and is using it so they are bitchin cause they dont have it good. its ridiculous. but i guess people will be people.

  35. Anonymous says:

    this is stupid she was not in tha bathroom i can tell that because no one looks like that and if her bro or watever picked the lock you wouldint pose to the pic you be yelling at him to get out stupid whore god i hate her ugh-_-

  36. sammiebabee says:

    yall jus slo disz waz long tyme ago dduhh n let ha do da hell she wanna

  37. kimbo bus ♥ says:

    LMAO! I agree wit wat BO$$ BITCH is sayin why da fuck do yall even give a damn i mean you guyz dont even know her personally wen she suddenly becomes ur wife or cousin den u can start tu give a damn!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Ur A Bitch Too!!!!!!

  39. LEZAHN says:


  40. Bo$$ BitcH * says:

    Wow its really sad to sit here and read wat all the haterzz gotta say,, your obviassly not soo happy with your life to be worried about hers … shyt shes verryy pretty and she has a lot of talent and wat sum ppl need to relize is that she was really young but shes getting older soo she gonna do other things besides being hannah montana…my point is dnt be a hater be a congradulator because i bet if that was you u’d be happy as shytt ! jealousyy is a sickness so get well soon !

  41. Anonymous says:

    hey dumb fuck it doesnt say she fucking posed for the damn pic maybe you should know your fucking info first you bitch god get a life people

  42. ahill says:

    if you dont care then why did you take the time to leave a pointless comment about not caring? do you think anyone cares about your opinion? ill answer it for you we live in a society where no one cares what anyone else thinks

  43. Anonymous says:

    The part with the brother in the bathroom is not about Miley.

  44. DICKSUCKER says:


  45. Anonymous says:

    i think she looks retarded.. nude or not she looks like an overgrown mouse..

  46. Anonymous says:

    haha I think it’s funny to see that the majority of people who are supporting Miley Cyrus have terrible grammar.

    We go to school for a reason people.
    You might want to brush up on your writing
    so you don’t look like a complete dumbass :]

  47. SHUT THE UP!!!! says:

    OMIGOD Why are all of yall “oh miley this miley that oh she did this and that” dont yall have ur own life to deal with? Shes a normal girl except one who plays in movies ok?! I bet yall go through stages like this not the photo part but sometimes u dont have a choice ok? leave her alone i mean u could say she suxs in ur mind u dont have to blab it to the world. ok goshh i hate reading things like this wat if she was u huh? would u like being called all these names? huh rememeber what goes around comes around. Yea u could say all this crap about me behind me back but idc! Just remmeber wat goes around comes around.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Teenage women are becoming more and more idiotic. They’re sluts and whores.

    The photos taken of Miley Cyrus were for artistic value, not pornographic and they make me respect her more than anything else she has done. I hate her guts, but at least she tried to be involved in something artistic.

  49. brittany says:

    omg!! r u f-in kiddin me. evryone is makin a big deal out of this pic. your back is not considered nude dumba**e* really now i love miley cyrus and i think do NOT think she is a hoe!!!!!. everyone goes threw hard times and evry teenager has r had a wild side to them and no that doesnt mean every teenager goes strip 4 everyone im jus sayin i think most of u r f-in rong 4 wat yall sayin cuz not a damn well one of u no her.. and u no if yall had a choice of bein in her place most of u would do it in a heartbeat… everyone makes f-in mistakes and she is just an average teenager that will make mistakes jus lke the f-in rest of us!! and i feel so sorry bout the lil girl that died and her dream was wanting to meet hannah montanna. look at all the f-in children out there that want to meet her!!
    so stop ruining it for them!!! jacka**e*

  50. Anonymous says:

    not all teens do that. I’m a teenage girl and I’m not planning on it thanks for the permission though…our world is sick!

  51. daja says:

    u guys are all crazy. Shes just a teen being a stupid teen. Thats wat they do so just stop instagating alredy

  52. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad your stupid little lesbian bitch sister died. She didnt leave quick enough. She wasted valuable oxygen that I could have been breathing. Speaking of which, you’re wasting some of my oxygen right now as well. Go fucking die.

  53. Anonymous says:

    holy crap people. do we really feel the need to get this emotional about a chick we don’t even know? lol… chill! first of all, every teen has a bit of a wild side. some more than others, but still. rebellion is fun. hers is just gonna be posted all over the internet. it shouldn’t be “OMFG SHE’S SUCH A SLUT”. it’s a picture. just get over it. she’s a famous girl with some talent for singing. and it’s not the end of the world if we see her back…

    oh, but in my personal opinion, she should have waited a few years, when she’ll lose the roundness of her face. she looks a tad too young for this kinda picture. still pretty though.

  54. ScareCrow says:

    ok um hey what id like to kno is if you hate miley cyrus so damn much then the fuck are reading this god yalls are so fucking stupid and need to get a life ok i dont like miley cyrus that much but do see me talking shit about her yall who are talking about her just think if hated her why would you be reading this let me know why please ok

    well peace out fucktards

  55. Anonymous says:

    now im not a fan much of miley cyrus,and she has that innocent persona that she should keep up because the jonas brothers are loosing some of there young fans because they are sining more mature songs now do you want that to happen to miley because is an idol to the kids and she could loose them i like her music i just don’t like her!!!!!

  56. hoolio says:

    JHsdcv hi! hooli?