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Miley Cyrus Says No More Miley Cyruseseses

Miley Cyrus is letting everybody know, there can be only one Miley Cyrus. Usmagazine.com reports:

The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star tells Extra, “I don’t think there could be a next Miley.”

There can’t be another Miley? What is she Highlander? I’m really hoping that she held her press conference on top of a grassy hill in Scotland and then raised a sword into the air and said “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONEEEEEE!”

Apparently what prompted Miley to say that is that people at Disney were saying some girl named Selena Gomez (pictured above, right) was the next Miley.

For some reason this scenario is reminding me of Robocop 2, where the police department, much like Disney, had already built the perfect machine, Robocop/Miley. But then people got greedy and they tried to build an even better machine, the Weird-two-legged gun thing/Selena. So if we go by Robocop logic, which I normally do, Selena is going to turn evil and start killing people and they’re going to have to get Miley to kill Selena. I hope to God it looks something like this:

7 Responses to "Miley Cyrus Says No More Miley Cyruseseses"

  1. Mooo. says:

    At least Selena Gomez doesn’t have fucked up teeth like Miley Cyrus.
    Miley’s just a talentless ugly bitch.
    Gotta say that Selena girl is quite cute though.

  2. Greg says:

    is it wrong to want to masturbate to the image of Miley’s head on Robocops body?

  3. jacob says:

    ^^ Nope perfectly normal ..

  4. Eli says:

    Oh Christ. I hope she realizes what a dumb cunt she is when she’s sucking some STD-riddled dude off in a dark alley for $10.

  5. Eric says:

    I hope I’m the STD-riddled dude in a dark alley!

  6. Kurt A. says:

    LOL Eric! You so funny!

  7. Joe Pike says:

    Ok, that was the best top 4 comments ever put together in succession. Thanks.