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MILF Monday: Miranda Kerr

Where You’ve Seen Her: Miranda Kerr became a Victoria’s Secret Angel after winning a nationwide model model search by Australia’s Dolly Magazine.  Oh, she’s also one of the most world renown models on the planet…
MILF Status: Yes, it’s true.  Miranda Kerr is pregant with now-husband Orlando Bloom.  And since they’re both one of the most beautiful people on the planet, it would be really funny if their kid was ugly…if I may be so bold.

10 Responses to "MILF Monday: Miranda Kerr"

  1. linweiwei77 says:

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  2. Molly says:

    Go-go gadget armcandy!

  3. Bender McScroat says:

    In what universe is she old enough to fall into the milf category?!

  4. Bender McScroat says:

    Oh right, she’s up the duff. I should learn to read.

  5. Helper says:

    I think it’s a test to see just how much effort we are willing to exert to oogle sexy women.

    Just remove the “-150×150″ at the end of the file names.




    I’m a lazy, lazy guy, but I will find a way to look at nekkid women.

  6. The Naughty Professor says:

    Again with the thumbnails. I guess Ian or his goons are too lazy to click on “view full sized image”. ;-)

  7. Jo Meany says:

    Wow, shes looking pretty good there dude.


  8. Dirty Little Girl says:


  9. Meee says:

    Really again with the fucking thumbnails. I guess they are trying to kill this site.

  10. Anonymous IV says:

    First Doutzen Kroes, then Mirands Kerr, damn you Orlando!

    Oh well, at least we still got Candice Swanepoel.