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Is Miss USA a Terrorist?

If you’re one of the few people who aren’t keeping up on current Beauty Pageant news, don’t worry: we’ve got you covered. Rima Fakih, an Arab-American beauty from Michigan, has just been crowned Miss USA. As red-blooded God-fearing Americans, we asked the obvious question: doesn’t "Arab" equal "Terrorist"? We’ll let you decide:

28 Responses to "Is Miss USA a Terrorist?"

  1. Jewish guy says:

    the states has plenty of hot jewish women, but they choose a butterface arab(lol)

    congrats morons, now drop your pants and get assraped by the people you hate


  2. eBay Selling says:

    They went for the one with the lowest IQ. Like a mercy vote.

  3. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:

    I’m all about the pussy, but you reaaaaaaaaaaally gotta question guys watching beauty pageants.

  4. SickOfItAll says:

    The self-righteous idiots who take this seriously and are positively COMPELLED to take a stand for Muslims are worse than whomever wrote this article.

  5. Fist of Rage says:

    That kind of sounds self-righteous there buddy. You are more worse for commenting.

  6. Foot of Shame says:

    Dear Fist of Rage,

    Welcome to the self righteous chain gang. Now yew are eeven worserer for yor commmenteeng.

    Moral equivocation is cowardice. Cowardice!

  7. GoFuckYourself says:

    Name 3 hot jewish women. And I don’t mean half breeds. None of that rich media controlling hollywood jew impregnating a good christian slut in his bank vault bullshit. I mean 2 dick ugly jews fucking and coming up with a hot very fuckable jew bitch. Yeah, find where that happened 3 times.

  8. Jewish Guy says:

    Well, you for starters.

  9. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:

    Way to go Dwight!!! You clearly know your celebrity trivia!!! I take you must be a big fan of Cosmopolitan and/or Vogue!

    Wow!! You’re more of a man than I had initially thought.

    You could still exude more testosterone if you wore your ovaries on the outside, you know?


  10. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    1. She went to a Catholic high school.

    2. She participated in a stripping contest.

    3. She wore a bikini on stage in front of a national audience.

    All facts point to her not being a radical muslim terrorist.

  11. RogerDoger says:

    Or the Hutaree militia in Michigan made up of self proclaimed Christians. All they wanted to do was murder a cop and then bomb his funeral procession. (btw, a judge let them out of jail on bond)

    How about Timothy McVeigh? Was he a Muslim? Or the Unabomber? Was he a Muslim? Or Eric Ruldolph who set off the bomb at the Atlanta Oylmpics? Was he a Muslim? No, no and no.

  12. Tiny Dickman says:

    Or the KKK?

  13. Exile says:

    Well she is a Mooslim.

    Not all Mooslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Mooslims.

    So the short answer is Maybe. But Allah isn’t real and Muhammed porked children.

  14. Token White Guy says:

    There are plenty of non-Muslim terrorists in the world, fucktard. There are religious and cultural extremists in almost every country, including the USA. When the Muslims and the rednecks start reproducing together, then the world is truly fucked.

  15. Eric says:

    All terrorists are Muslim?? Ever heard of the IRA?

  16. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:

    Excuse me Michael, but how exactly does one grow a “cognitive brain”??

    As far as I know, all brains (regardless of their size) are very much capable of cognition, a term that encompasses both a scientific and a philosophical explanations.

    Face it faggot, you’re no different from those you’re attempting to criticize, you’re in fact more pathetic for trying to pose as something you’re not; an educated and classy gentleman.

    “Cognitive brain – what a fucking moron!!!

  17. Michael from the Glove says:

    Lots of class gentlemen….Whoever wrote and allowed this article to be published, should be ashamed with themselves. How ignorant do you have to be, to remotely try to proclaim that being of Muslim faith is simpatico with terrorism? Honestly, read a fucking book and grow a cognitive brain. Your stupidity and derelict mind is the reason why we, as Americans are clowned upon on a world wide scale.

    And to all you ass clowns that responded with some type of latent sexual innuendo or advances……go out…..and try to have sex with a real women…..not your palm.

  18. Tiny Dickman says:

    Yeah, watching a horse shit giving birth is funnier than this, it’s because justin is a big fate cockgobbler

  19. Token White Guy says:

    This site is getting lamer and lamer.

  20. Anonymos says:

    yeah it is.

  21. even whiter says:

    I would do her but she was dumb. Oklahoma should have won.

    captcha eat dick plz

  22. that other guy says:

    tits or gtfo

  23. The venerable bead says:

    1) how did anonymos manage to spell it wrong as the webform spells it for you (unless that is an American spelling then I apologise) 2) she is clearly hot and I would like to spank her.

  24. TG99 says:

    I agree with you sir.

  25. orifice jerk says:

    i wanna stick my thermal detonator in her yellow cake
    i wanna shove my dynamite in her mass grave
    i want to stick my dirty bomb in her anthrax
    and lastly

    i would like to C4 her weapons grade plutonium

  26. orifice jerk says:


    i’d like to fakih her rima

  27. pratik says:

    Seems like someone has been playing a little too much MW2.