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This Is Long Overdue…

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Kelly Brook Dominatrix (Coed)
The Non-Psychic Psychic (Manofest)
Olivia Munn Hotness (Maxim)
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Lindsay Lohan: Porn Star (PopCrunch)
The Best Places to Date (Asylum)
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Lou Piniella is Angry (NQTC)
Conan O’Brien 60 Minutes Interview (ScreenJunkies)

5 Responses to "This Is Long Overdue…"

  1. Lilli says:

    Lilli rules!…and flowers…

  2. Lilli says:

    oh…and FIRST! Suckers!

  3. Splooge McDuck says:

    Firstly, your ‘first’ comment makes you second. If you had said that first then you would indeed be first, instead you fall into second. Secondly i first that comment. Know what i’m saying?

  4. oh says:

    you stole from tumblr and deleted the credit. therefor, you fail, daily taco

  5. Ben Affleck says:

    Everyone is beneath me. Therefore I am first!

    And she showed those flowers what for!