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A Monkey Riding a Bull? Yes Indeed.

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Noah has sent out a few introduction emails, but he’s gotten no replies thus far. It’s still early, though, and we have high hopes for our brave intern.  We’ll keep you posted, and keep an eye out for the Weekly Update on Wednesday!

9 Responses to "A Monkey Riding a Bull? Yes Indeed."

  1. todders says:

    Now they’re just one step closer to global domination…

    You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen MACHO MAN Randy Savage trip/FREAK OUT on a bongful of Salvia:


  2. vaffanculo says:

    I’ve seen Macho Man Randy Savage trip/freak out on pure mountain spring water.

  3. Anonymous says:

    thats pretty much awesome.

  4. g-man says:

    I didn’t know Obama rode bulls… oh wait, thats a monkey

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yeah…poor little fuck!

  6. Wishbone says:

    Looks like he is strapped on to the bull by the ankles.

  7. Anonymous says:

    lol stp Monkey


  8. TG says:

    And I always thought it was just a figure of speech.

  9. Dspayre says:

    One monkey dont stop the show…