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A Montage of Hot Girls

All of these girls are really hot, but since none of us currently have a snowball’s chance in Hell with any of them, let the unwarranted criticism on the comment section begin!

11 Responses to "A Montage of Hot Girls"

  1. jewish guy____defender of jewish values says:

    these shiksas are hot but jewish girls are better, plus jewish girls are less slutty

  2. whatever says:

    If you’re going to try and sell me on a group of girls, don’t include less slutty as a selling point

  3. Ethan says:

    Anyone who defines themselves by their religion should really hang themselves, and especially on this site of all places

  4. no way 2 says:

    i agree with no way up there. these girls are kinda hot, but not HOLY-SHIT hot. and i dunno if sexy is really the word id use either. they’re just in bikinis. WOW! as far as your little comment at the end, i’m 100% certain i could pick any of these girls up

  5. super pooper says:

    no their not, and how would you know if their slutty?

  6. windowwasher Joe says:


  7. Sun-Dried Eyes says:

    I’m sure they are all intelligent, well-educated women with bright futures and pleasant, humorous personalities. I’d still fuck their grandmothers just to feel closer to them.

  8. Y Dobon says:

    Why is less slutty better?

  9. no way says:

    i’ve come to the belief that the older a guy gets the less he understands what hot is and looks like. i see no 10s. hell not even any 8s.

  10. Old McOldie says:

    They’ll all look like 10s when you reach our age, you too will get worn down by the reality of fucking 3 to 7 pointers.

  11. joe says:

    gd i hate break and their weak ass content. 400 ads and 1 vid or 1 picture. fuck you break!