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Montreal is Crazy


17 Responses to "Montreal is Crazy"

  1. micarot says:

    It’s french. Ass is for assiette which means plate and obviously cock is for cocktail

  2. Libertarian Nutjob says:

    If by “fixing” you mean waiting for two months, only to be told you surgery has been “postponed” becuase you drink “too much” coffee, forcing you to then sneak across the U.S.-Canadian border to go to the emergency room to have your gangrenous leg cut off…

    Then yes, the “free” “healthcare” should fix him right up!

  3. pratik says:

    I guess they were too full to get the tit fruit.

  4. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:

    Nope, us faggy French-Canadiens just hate tits!

    But we fucking love ass and cock!

    By the way, will you and one of your cows mind shredding my ass!

  5. Andy says:

    Hahaha I’d love to see you say this to a real french Canadian’s face. At least the free health care can fix you up after.

  6. office jerk, says:

    andy, you’re new to the internet, right?

  7. blah's dad says:

    i’m getting tired of your mom’s funky smelling pussy and your bitchy little whining!


  8. blah says:

    i’m getting tired of these really fake photo shops

  9. Phil Jones© says:

    I loves me some ass fruit! Especially watermelons! Ooo!

  10. Montreal says:

    Actually it’s an abbreviation in french, “Ass.” is short for Assiette which translates into plate, and “cock.” is an abbreviation for cocktail.

    So they ordered the fruit plate and fruit cocktail. The bill just gets printed in french and abbreviated.

    You can actually find the menu prices here:


    Lots of other places have bills like this, Montreal is in Quebec which is speaks french.

  11. Anonymous Pete says:

    that is why Montreal is gay, boys and girls

  12. Circle Jerk says:


  13. Saddam Hussein says:


  14. Mike Hunt says:

    Silly Canadians

  15. The Naughty Professor says:

    I’m Canadian. And silly.

  16. Boarder Patrol says:

    Look at the sales tax! That’s 12.9% total tax!

    Watch out America… this is coming to a city near you.

    Canada FTW!

  17. zuzu says:

    We used to have 15% sales tax, sooooooo….