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More Denver Broncos. Less Mouth Testicles.

Kid Fights Back To His Haters – Watch more free videos

If there was an Internet election, I would vote for this kid to be the Sultan Emperor Prime Minister King of the World Wide Web. He is the champion of the Internet. Watching him hand a verbal beatdown to everyone who made fun of his Youtube video is like watching a mom scold her child for crapping it’s pants at the mall. He just went on the Internet to give his opinions about the Denver Broncos and he has to put up with some asshole saying he “has testicles in his mouth.” Why can’t it just be about the Denver Broncos and not about mouth testicles? This is a question I’ve been asking the Internet for years, so I’m glad someone finally has the guts (I was going to say “balls,” but I think this post has enough testicle references) to come out and ask the questions we’re all too afraid to ask.

26 Responses to "More Denver Broncos. Less Mouth Testicles."

  1. thedean says:

    nice one “John McCain”, you really got the gist of the video.

  2. The Captain says:

    I couldn’t understand a word that kid said. He sounds like he has testicles in his mouth.

  3. dan says:

    This kid is my hero.

  4. nolan says:

    What is this kids website?

  5. Eyeball Doctor says:

    I can fix that.

  6. Kevinmw1987 says:

    I used to work at the Cinemark 16 theatres here in Colorado Springs and I would see this kid a few times a month there. He’s a genuinely cool kid and I give him a lot of praise for doing what he did on here.

  7. I love this kid and would love to have him do one night a week on my ustream channel http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-blog-report and would feature him on my profiles of up and coming bloggers at http://bloganese.com
    Anyone that has anything negative to say to this needs a BEATING.
    We can easily focus on anyone’s negative
    That kid got more balls than 90% of the adult jerk offs online

  8. Anyone that has anything negative to say to this kid needs a BEATING

  9. Josh says:

    I bet his mom helped him put that video together.

  10. That kid is ok by me and anyone that picks on him better look in the mirror

  11. moc says:

    another bad impresion of alpacino

  12. Bless him says:

    seriously…he’s fuckin smart. I think that lil kid is wittier at 12? 13? than most people are as adults! That’s right kid! Fuck those haters!!!

  13. Mr.HateMeLots says:

    cool kid.. but it looks like hes having a stroke >_>

  14. Joe says:

    I’m f*cking awesome – wooooooooooooo!

  15. Joe says:

    WOW – I posted the above comment “I’m f*cking awesome – wooooooooooooo!” without watching the entire clip (no that wasn’t bashing him – I plan on using that quote for my next raise review at work)

    As I continued watching it he shows how the guy reacted when he posted “Testicles in your mouth – ahahaha come here guys!”

    That is classic because we know all the people who bash other people on sites probably really do that – ahaha look what i said ahaha

    “There’s something f*cked up with him – don’t even bother”

    This kid has me LAUGHING so hard right now – CMON HOLYTACO – find him on youtube and send him a shirt!!!

  16. nero says:

    go broncos

  17. aletruk says:

    That post is hilarious, but I heard this one from a guy from San Diego. . . it was on the phone, but still just a tad better

  18. LordFuzzywig says:

    I really hate to be “The Great Defender” kind of commenter, but this kid really does have some guts to make videos knowing full well he has a birth defect and knowing full well how cruel and unforgiving the internet community can be. To put himself out on a limb like that, to make himself vulnerable to all the hateful bullshit that people can say because they sit behind a monitor and at the end of the day are not personally accountable for what they said and the next day don’t even have to think twice about what they said the day before…? I, for one, salute the kid. He made a video post explaining what happened, and why he is the way he is, and he explained it was a birth defect. Does it make people happy to poke fun of someone that is different through no fault of their own?

    The kid knows he has a problem. He’s is reminded of it every single day he looks in the mirror, and every single day at school. He just wanted to talk about the Denver Broncos, because it’s something he enjoys. And as far as I’m concerned, fuck all the people that have the nerve to try and take that away from him by harassing him, because they’re the ones with the real problem here.

    Shame he let the petty internet shit-stirring get to him.
    [/The Great Defender]

  19. cory says:

    I totally agree. I love this kid.

  20. Wilford Brimley says:

    t-e-s-t-i-c-l-e-s i-n m-o-u-t-h


  21. John McCain says:

    This kid looks like he has testicles in his mouth

  22. General Chicken says:

    Maybe he could continue to post videos on youtube if he just puts on a slipknot mask…and then screams his words. hell, i’ll bet he would be a hit.

    maybe change his screen name to ‘broncofan2476969′ though, that way no one recognizes him.

  23. broncofan1990fan says:

    nOMG broncofan1990 is leaving? What about all your fans whats gonna happen to my subscription to your videos know? Plz broncofan1990 don’t leave on a bad note. The internet has lost a great man today. (insert crying) You pricks on the internet are worse then those “god hates fag people” this guy was a true hero of America hero! Broncofan1990 this Buds for you.

  24. yunguns says:

    Hilarious. This kid does have balls, and they aren’t in his mouth. Congratulations on growing a spine and a personality at such a young age, pal.

  25. Craven Morhead says:

    Mmmmm….testicle mouth. It resembles the name of a porno that could be the next Deep Throat. Maybe they could make sequels, like Testicle Mouth 4: They’re Jaw Breakers Alright!