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Morgan Freeman is Everywhere!


14 Responses to "Morgan Freeman is Everywhere!"

  1. Viking says:

    Where’s his nephew Gordon?

  2. First says:

    Morgan Freeman is always First!!!

  3. Ill fist you f you want me too. says:


  4. KingGreat says:

    Where does Couriers mom fit on this chart? I’m gonna say right between Hoag the driver and Sloan the (clearly) unappreciated head assassin in “Wanted”. That’s precisely how she likes it, that dirty whore.

  5. sesevenen says:

    sorry but why is freed slave and driver below pimp and inmate? fucking racists/

  6. that one guy that creeps everyone out says:

    Because a pimp and an inmate have more power and freedom than a freed slave and a driver. If anything, the pimp should have been higher on the list…

  7. Mr. Beaner says:

    They Should Put Me On The Top!

  8. Pennywise says:

    Is your name Morgan Freeman ?
    I guess not
    there you have it, you have nothing to do on that list.
    make your own.

  9. Keeper of the Playboy archives says:

    you forgot Lucius Fox from Batman and Sloan from Wanted

  10. pratik says:

    Where would his voiceover on Visa commmercials be on this chart?

  11. VISA says:

    Anywhere they want to be, I would imagine.

  12. Couriers says:

    Morgan Freeman is our dad.

  13. SwedishGuy says:

    You just had to say something…

  14. DonkeyXote says:

    You left ‘March of the Penguins’ out?

    Oh noes!!