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Most Awesome Amateur Football Ownages

The Super Bowl is tomorrow, and while you may have to wait hours to see someone get hit in the nuts from 75 yards away, this series of videos contains that in the first two minutes.
Now This Is Target Practice (TotalProSports)
Big Game Celebrity Poll (MadeMan)
Behold The Snack Food Stadium! (AllLeftTurns)
Cop Out Goes Redband (ScreenJunkies)
25 Hilarious Translation Fails (Manofest)
Girl Decks Herself In The Face (TheChive)
Romanian Cops Love Booze (TotallyCrap)
Keeley Hazell Gallery (AskMen)
Green Ranger Turned MMA Fighter (DoubleViking)
The Best Valentines Out There (Oddee)
Kids Who Need Attention (EvilChili)
Being Gay Is Bad For You (TooShocking)
Rihanna Is Usually Hot (HollywoodTuna)
Taylor Swift’s Getting Boned By The Mayer (DailyFill)
Charlie Sheens Car (CelebSlam)
The Google Cube (Walyo

8 Responses to "Most Awesome Amateur Football Ownages"

  1. Gomer says:

    First!!! YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!

  2. Token White Guy says:

    That’s what I say when I cum. “First!!! YES! YES! YES!”

    On a completely unrelated note, my girlfriend hates me.

  3. Token White Guy's Girlfriend says:


  4. Token White Guy's Wife says:

    I hate both of you!

  5. Token White Guy says:

    Uh-oh, Spaghetti-Os!

  6. Token White Guy's Doctor says:

    Your test results are back Token White Guy..
    You have Herpes

  7. Maury Povich says:

    And you ARE the father!

  8. Token white guy's dog says:

    And you game them herpes to me you little…little…