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Most Awesome Basketball Fails

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10 Responses to "Most Awesome Basketball Fails"

  1. Donkey's Lover..they call me Tim says:

    It worked for me.

  2. DonkeyBlowMe says:

    I wish DonkeyXote would climax deep inside me.

  3. DonkeyFucker says:

    I know how you guys feel, I have been staking DonkeyXote for several months now and I haven’t quite enamored him. Seeing my courting attempts have failed, I’m gonna start being more romantic from now on…

  4. A woman says:

    That was almost as anti-climactic as my last sexual encounter with DonkeyXote.

  5. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    He was clearly too sexy for his shirt. LOL

  6. DonkeyFucker says:

    What the hell was wrong with that guy in the striped shirt in the last video?

  7. That Dick says:

    First to say FREEBIRD!! Wooo!

  8. Judas WOods says:

    Wow, that was totally amazing.


  9. Paul says:

    Little douche bag in the last video kicking, and then fist pumping

  10. Judas WOods says:

    LOL< it dont get much bettah!