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Most People Just Stick Out Their Thumb


50 Responses to "Most People Just Stick Out Their Thumb"

  1. TheGigglenaut says:

    She’d look even better gagged and struggling to get out of the trunk my car. I’d take her to the woodshed for dinner and see where it went from there.

  2. Philip J. Fry says:

    WHO is this girl or who took the picture??

  3. Woooow says:

    Well, at least the sun is out.

  4. ifightgirls says:

    Does anybody know who she is?

  5. Loser says:

    Yeah, her name is Trinity. She gives lap dances down at your corner strip joint.

  6. Mr. Nasty says:

    I’d like to get her off with a tampon, dip it in some ranch dressing, stick it up my butt, and then eat that thing with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

  7. lady's woman says:

    I’d like to ask her to dinner, cuz I’m a lady not a nasty finger jerker like ya’ll….

  8. pale white guy says:

    she is deffintaly a waffle crapper

  9. Captain Obvious says:

    Why is there grass growing on the street?

  10. yer mom says:

    i’d like to play carpenter with her, first we get hammered then i nail her

  11. Your Mom's Ass says:

    I’ll do the screwing

  12. jethro says:

    hot damn, i love me some stockings

  13. Captain Morgan says:

    That’s what SHE said! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Yeah, I don’t get it either.

  14. Luke says:

    I think she needs help taking that off, maybe i’ll use my mouth oooo -_-

  15. BiGGolo says:

    looks like some type of gravel, and grass or weeds usually love to take over that stuff..

  16. Fap Research Manager says:

    theres a FAP for this! and i FAP to it!

  17. pratik says:

    And people wonder why there are lesbians…

  18. Cpt. Obvious says:

    Because it can bro… cause it can !

  19. Some Dude says:

    Damn that is a nice road that I would like to cruise through in my motorcycle. Oh yeah, the girl can come along to.

  20. anyone says:

    its probably a little pile of lawn clippings

  21. tinysolodancer says:

    i am very much a lesbian and i would very much love to suck that clit.

  22. Djouf says:

    I am very much a perv and i would very much like to watch.

  23. Anonymous pete says:

    That’s what ugly and fat dykes say

  24. Panty Sniffer says:

    sniff sniff!

  25. kpaws says:

    Thats Jenna Jamison

  26. test says:

    Jenna Jameson ?

  27. sonofmaud says:

    Remind me why I like men again please?

  28. Donkey? OK! says:

    why wouldn;t you pay for the gas (petrol if your retarded)? it was your motor scooter to begin with in your gay fantasy

  29. DonkeyXote says:

    She can ride my motor-scooter anytime and I’ll pay for the petrol! (or gas if you’re gringos)

  30. The Souless Ginger says:

    Shut the fuck up you scummy little shit.


  31. DonkeyXote's Mom says:

    usually a mans ride is a step up from their manhood – again you remind us that your hung like a flying squirell – you embarass me again son!!!!

  32. shit sock says:

    For youre information its 2 and a half inches and thanks for the seconds, no lube needed

  33. God's left nut says:

    she needs a ride to sesame street

  34. Mr. Beaner says:

    This Is My Bitch And I’m Gonna Bang Her First!! The Rest Of You 2 Inch, WhistleDick Fuck-Tard’s Can Have My Creampied, Left-Overs!!


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  36. liveforever says:

    Oh my word, this is possibly the best photo youve ever published.

    I would very much like to have the sex with her,

  37. Necris says:

    doooooooh! no shit

  38. shlongtacular says:

    Is it wrong I wanna become a truck driver and rape and kill her? Thats what truck drivers do, right?

  39. Sherpa says:

    what ever floats your boat i guess.

  40. office jerk says:

    and here i thought they drove trucks

  41. SomeRandomDude says:

    I drive a rental when I kill prostitutes.

  42. WTF says:

    raise your hand i you want to lick her ass?

  43. WTF says:

    raise your hand IF you want to lick her ass?

  44. 16inchesandstillcantgetnone says:

    Both of my hands are busy at the moment, but consider them raised.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Are you fingering your butt?

  46. Anonymous says:

    Are you fingering your butt?

  47. thepunisher says:

    Anyone know her name?

  48. ugly bitcch says:

    definitely hottest pic on ht

  49. WOW! says:

    HOLY TACO!!!

  50. G-love says:

    I would no wait….I’d pay