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Mr. T Gives Fashion Advice No One Can Use

Mr. T

When we think fashion tips, we always think Mr. T before anyone else. Mr. T comes before Calvin Kline, Dolce & Gabbana, and Osh Kosh B’Gosh in our books. So when we saw this video of Mr. T giving advice on fashion, you just know we were beside ourselves with joy and merriment. Joy, because we happen to also be a fan of not wearing designer labels, and enjoy writing our own names on labels instead; and merriment, because we think the combination of Mohawks and oversized gold chains is a style that will be worn well in to the year 3000. In that time, we humans will have evolved in to floating balls of energy, and we are nothing more than consciousness with supreme intellect – and badass gold chains with Mohawks.


We like to take everything Mr. T say to heart. So when he opened the video with these words…

Everybody gotta wear clothes — and if u don’t, you get arrested.

…we tossed on a pair of pants as we realized the error of our ways. No longer shall we openly expose our genitals to the open air and open eyes of random strangers and their children that are deeply fascinated by our immensely impressive packages. Yes, folks, we at the old HT have mightily impressive dongs, but we shall no longer fly our dick flags for the incomparable Mr. T has informed us that if we continuously display our nasty bits we shall end up in a holding cell, having to repeatedly decline requests for butt sex. That, friends, would not be the best use for our awe-inspiring man-dicks.

One Response to "Mr. T Gives Fashion Advice No One Can Use"

  1. Jo Danny says:

    LOL, thats just too funny dude.