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Mr T Knows Fashion

This is a  clip from Mr T’s Be Somebody or Be Somebody’s Fool,  which was a collection of lessons for children. You can find it on DVD and everything on it is as good as this clip, if not better, sucka.
Elena Santarelli Is A Fine Fine Woman (TotallyCrap)
Kriszti Is An International Babe (DoubleViking)
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Eliza Dushku In A Bikini (HollywoodTuna)
Yes, Sex Does Sell Cars (EvilChili)
Vikki Blows Is Mega Hot (Manofest)
The Moscow Bubble Bath (TheChive)
Taylor Momsen Likes Eating People (DailyFill)
This Chick Is Hot (CelebSlam)
Gallery Of Tattooed Chicks (Ehowa)
Antique Goes Off (NothingToxic)
Operation Olivia Munn (Atom)

5 Responses to "Mr T Knows Fashion"

  1. CarneyUGVC says:

    The music makes this vid LOL.

  2. bozo says:

    If you want an awesome spinner weddingring, or mad bling, checkout kodega.com

  3. ami says:

    man… what can i say……..mr t knows fashion lmao

  4. Mr.T fan says:

    “With pants pegged tight and hair in fitness, he’s a wonder of 80′s splendor.”

    I watched this video a few years ago…so glad you guys are promoting it. You should make it like, a training video for interns and new members…

  5. sexstripnakedcam says:

    i will make this music into my hot cam