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Natacha Peyre

natacha payre bikini sexy sex

Age: 23

Where you’ve seen her: Natacha Peyre has appeared in Playboy and a Swedish TV show called “Paradise Hotel.” I don’t want to be the one to tell those brilliant television executives what to do, but I think Natacha needs her own show. Preferrably on a network where she can take the majority of her clothes off (I’m looking at you, SkineMax.)

Awesome sentence on her Wikipedia page: “Natacha has also done appearances in tv shows like “Dolce Vita” and “Outsiders” on Kanal5 in Sweden in both the topics where how it is to live with big breasts and earning money on them.”

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7 Responses to "Natacha Peyre"

  1. Anonymous says:

  2. Ruben parada santos says:

    holaa natacha te preguntaras kien soy soy tu primo de valencia aunque no me conozcas.tampoco se si hablas el spañol pero bueno dale recuerdos a tu madre y a tu hermano si alguna vez lo lees acuerdate de tu primo ruben k aunque no te aiga visto nunca por lo menos ya te e visto por aqui besitos wapa

  3. mark says:

    she is stunning

  4. Elvis says:

    She looks a little retarded…should be easy to nail…just tell her there’s a puppy in your pants…

  5. Buddy Ice says:

    I have to commend you on your photoshop skills. It’s near impossible to see where you superimposed the face of a Vietnamese pot belly pig onto a playboy model’s body.

  6. Tombot says:

    Buddy Ice has insulted Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs everywhere

  7. Anonymous says:

    i think this girl is so beautiful. and shes only 2 months older than i am