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Natalie Martinez

Where You’ve Seen Her: Natalie Martinez is best known for her role on the telenovela Fashion House; despite this, I’ve never heard of the show and think she’s better known as being the spokesmodel for Jennifer Lopez.
Pointless Quote: Cubanas are very strong women. So don’t mess with us, don’t take us for granted!
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8 Responses to "Natalie Martinez"

  1. Butter says:

    She is the girl that navigates for Jason Statham’s character in the movie “Death Race” (2008)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Damn, I love Cubans.


  3. RapMonster says:

    well DAMMMMNNNN!!!! mommy looking hella hot.

  4. oh yeah that’s why she look familiar she’s the girl in the death race

  5. George W. Bush says:

    I want to stick it in her Obama with no lube.

  6. This girl so sexy!!!She is my dreamgirl!

  7. Rap Music says:

    Ahhh … damn she is hot