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MILF Monday: Natasha Henstridge

Age: 34

Where you’ve seen her: Let’s face it, you’ve seen Natasha Henstridge in "Species" because she’s naked throughout 95% of it and that’s all you’ve seen her in (and that’s OK.)

MILF Status: In an attempt to solidify her celebrity status, she gave birth to two sons and promptly gave them stupid names: Tristan River Waite and Asher Sky Waite.

Pointless quote: "Even my parents are so cute, and they deal with every movie of mine excellently. They check with me ever so casually by asking ‘Now how much of nudity are we going to see in this one?’"




One Response to "MILF Monday: Natasha Henstridge"

  1. Dick Tucker says:

    I would suck her pussy hard each and every day, even if she was Henstruating.