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Nelson Mandela Likes To Party

Picture courtesy of dlisted

Above is a picture from Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday party.  I would be willing to bet, right after this picture was taken he leaned over to his wife and whispered “Who the f*&k was that guy?”  When you’re 90 you don’t want to spend your birthday having to explain to Naomi Campbell what it’s like to spend 27 years in an African prison.    Seriously, there is no way he wanted all these people to come to his birthday party:

I have a hard time believing he said “I must have the guy from The Thomas Crown Affair, here to help celebrate my life with me.”   And Kim Cattrall was there?  I hope that picture was taken right before she parked someone’s car.  I really love that celebrities flock to freedom fighters who basically gave their entire life to helping other people, when 99% of them have made a call to their assistant at some point saying “My cat won’t stop puking, I need you to clean it up, and then talk to him nicely until he feels better.  Don’t bother me, I’ll be on my patio pretending to read the New York Times until someone takes a picture of me.”

I wonder what the celebrity cut off for this party was.  Like, how many more people would there have to be on the list, for me to see this photo:

3 Responses to "Nelson Mandela Likes To Party"

  1. El Rico says:

    Carrot Top is a butt pirate.

  2. hahahaa` says:

    yea but he’d still fuck you up

  3. totally wrong says:

    If dude lives to be 90, how bad could that prison really have been?