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New England Patriots Fans Are Topless, Rapping

Patriot Girl with Big Boobs Raps – Watch more free videos

I have no idea what to say about this. This Pats fan refers to herself as “Rice Girl” and she likes to “rap” about her favorite football team while wearing very large breasts and a very small bikini top. Nothing I say will do this video justice, so just watch it.

75 Responses to "New England Patriots Fans Are Topless, Rapping"

  1. Angyblakguy says:

    If it wasnt for the fact her rack is huge, that wouldve been biggest waste of time!

  2. Adriano says:

    Stop you cant rap and your not pretty AHHHHHHHHHHHH everyone thinks they can rap go make a rice patty

  3. George Bush says:

    Her boobs are like 2 coconuts stuck to her chest. Me so horny, fucky fucky 1 dalla

  4. shes stupid says:

    can she not spell? cause last time i checked if you take the GIA out of GIANTS you were not left with ANTS…. F***in’ dumb

  5. I Chink I Know You says:

    5 dolla, make you holla………

  6. Ok Chink says:

    Shes actually wrong when she says they surpassed every record. The ’72 dolphins had a perfect season. And also asians should never rap

  7. Johnson says:

    I bet shes a band-wagoner, and had no idea who the patriots were before they were past 11-0.

  8. Yellow5 says:

    SHE IS SO UGLY, and I bet she doesn’t even watch football.

  9. shamgod says:

    Everyone is now dumber for having watched this video. I award that insaley idiotic asian whore no points, and may God have mercy on her soul

  10. O2BNDAIR says:

    one eye slanted one eye no slanted

  11. MonkeyStew says:

    Ahhh, reave her arone.

  12. ForeverVigilant says:

    hahahahaha. omfg. i cant stop laughing. what is this world coming to?!?!?!

  13. mike says:

    ha ha

    stupid ass pat’s fans..you only get to see bikinis inside…

  14. ANti-chink says:

    someone cut off her eyelids so her eyes are a bit wider.

    whats with the stretching of the fucking syllableeeeees ?

    also seperating every 2nd word in half doesn’t make shit rhyme (Gi Ants)

  15. ANti-chink says:

    Also is there really 2 A’s in Giants? lmao send her back to a sweat shop to stitch some tennis balls

  16. Rick says:

    Lucky she was “wearing very large breasts”….lmao

    “I have no idea what to say about this. This Pats fan refers to herself as “Rice Girl and she likes to “rap about her favorite football team while wearing very large breasts and a very small bikini top. Nothing I say will do this video justice, so just watch it.”

  17. Itan says:

    chill with all the racist comments.

  18. OMG says:

    OMG …
    who’s mom…
    very sick

  19. FlavorGodz says:

    Patriots are annoying. Too many bandwagon jumpers. Try to find a pats fan 6 years ago. They had about 329 fans, now theirs 1,00,000 fans. Why? Because they suddenly became good. Wack. Nice boobs though.

  20. mishemu says:

    I think she is a porn star named ‘Gin Fong’

    google it, it does look like her

  21. Nascar says:

    Oh my. Let’s hope her next video will be better. This current video can use a little editing, and thats be nice about it.

  22. c=2/em says:

    Can I throw up now?

  23. go0kanese says:

    man im asian but this bitch got the most slanted eyes i ever seen… i bet she korean..

  24. Brian says:

    Errr…take the “Gia” out of Giants and you have “nts” Goofball.

  25. Just gonna throw this out there as a blanket statement: This is HolyTaco’s best day yet. Hysterical postings today.

  26. Brendon says:

    One of the many reasons I hate the Pats. Early playoff loss please, god!

  27. Dont think this is what mamma ment when she said integrate into American society

  28. Not Nice says:

    This one should be called “After hours at Lee Nails”. Yeah I went there, suck it.

  29. Not Nice says:

    Please put more subtitles.

  30. Y the fuck is this under Babes and not stupid dumb whores?

  31. CagePotato says:

    What’s wrong with her eyes?

  32. dickgrays1 says:

    You were looking at her eyes?

    Also, I gotta wonder what girls with boobs this big are doing when they aren’t showing them off.

  33. Ryan says:

    you guys DO know that’s a dude, right?

  34. Neato says:

    We all think this hoe is crazy but whats up with all the racist remarks?

  35. tone says:

    she didnt get the good side of asians

  36. Craig says:

    This is fucking RETARDED this bitch has a head full of rocks.

  37. Daan says:

    Get her back to the institution for retards!

  38. Neubian says:

    This chick is C-R-A-Z-Y. Hide your eyes gentlemen, because your dick is sure to follow, and you don’t know what kind of mess your dick will be getting you into if you end up poking a chick this crazy. Just think Glenn Close kind of crazy. That’s where you eyes lead you. Sometimes it’s best to just read the ingredients in your beer bottle and let your dick go back to sleep.

  39. Big boy says:

    I`m going to punch her in the face.

  40. diggemsmack says:

    wow i’m almost ashamed to be a pats fan right now.

  41. Tom Brady says:

    According to her appearance she has ADHD.

    You guys are talking about her?

    Good job, lady. You’ve got what you were looking for!

  42. Burger Nips says:

    shut the fuck up and get your tits out.

  43. ahnrey says:

    lmao of at rice girl.
    Typical response from the racist white people of boston

  44. Fool says:

    its obviously a character shes created…

  45. dan says:

    ok so she’s a bandwagoner…. how does that matter at all, noones taking her seriously not like shes spitting out facts or important information or anyythin lol…. PATS fuck yea

  46. teddy says:

    Who hit this chick in the face with a frying pan? talk about pancake face.

  47. HOLLA says:

    LOL LOL. This crazy chick has been on the new TV show . .Millionaire Matchmaker . . .or something like that. i think its on Bravo, saw it one time channel surfing, and its basically a bunch of hot (with the exception of a few of course) golddigers who want to get set up with multi-millionaires. HAHAHHAHA. This fuckin rapping asain broad was on the show going through the casting process to see if she could meet someone. the owner bascailly called her out, said she was trashy, no fasion sense, and of course didnt make the cut. LOL. i have a suspicion of drug problem to be honest. but who knows. maybe just a loony bin. HOLLA

  48. Eric says:

    Five more years and those things will be like baseballs in the ends of pink stockings.

  49. the stupid truth says:

    I can’t stop laughing at the comments , thanks made my day. By the way who the heck was the plastic surgeon ? line him up and shoot him , this could be a career ending move for him . Just because she paid for boobs does mean we want to see it attached to a face like that .

  50. asshole says:

    that was the gayest shit ever. bitch looks like she’s lipsyncing some of it too

  51. TB says:

    For those guys who can not get enough of her.


    Go Pats!!!

  52. WOW SHE SUCKS says:

    wow, she fucken sucks at raping, everything she said, she said 10 times, once after another. YYOOOUU NEED TO S_T_O_P because you cant speak english UH UHH UHHH UH UH, and she is so ugly, i bet her tits touch her toes. get off the brady train ahaha lmao

  53. LOL says:


  54. Bigpinpn says:

    I actually know this chick her real name is Ho Phat and she’s from Bangcock and persuing a career as ninja……should i keep going??

  55. Omg says:

    Do asian chicks really have to pretend to like football and get fake tits to think they can even compare to any hot white chick out there. pathetic… like me =)

  56. Mark Bee says:

    White girls are hotter than pie-faces. It’s a fact of life.

  57. ALLAN says:

    she knows when you take the gia out of giants theres only nts not ants. now i hate people who do all the spelling corrections but dam. dumb bitch

  58. Bwill says:

    Bring it you pats fans we aint trying for the the nfc chamoionshop we coming for you !

  59. Tomten says:

    She has the ugliest eyes in the world.

  60. Washington says:

    So many fucking racists among us.

    I bet you idiots cheer your team with black players too.

    And after game you scream fucking n*****s at black American dude at his mishap.

  61. bopper says:

    I bet Brady is doing her! GO COLTS (or Jags or Chargers or Steelers)…..

  62. Sirrus Rider says:

    She reminds me of the bad singing featured in Mash.

  63. El says:

    “Rice Girl” was a 2003 movie with Pat Morita.

    She goes by the name Cheryl Ling, but also calls herself Rice Girl. Her ex-boyfriend was a huge Pats fan and that’s how she became one.

    After they broke up the boyfriend said that he was sorry he ever introduced her to football, since he has created a monster.

  64. The Deuce says:

    i used to watch these videos when she was topless and sometimes she’d screw up and her titties would show. now theres no reason to watch.

  65. plsl says:

    speechless… I’m just speechless

  66. patsblow says:

    Love the boobs….hate the pats….sigh…why are girls with over-sized boobs so dumb?? and seriously…have some dignity for yourself

  67. brodawg says:

    this fuckin chick sounds so fuckin dumb what a stupid video, shes not hott, nor do thoes boobs look nice, how about a video wiht a hot chick that can actual speak english hahaha

  68. Funnyasfrig says:

    Who the fu$% is “Wince Wilfork”??? I have officially pi$$ed myself!

  69. gary says:

    I wonder if she does weddings and Bar Mitzvahs?

  70. omg says:

    This makes me ashamed to be asian

  71. eddie says:

    True she has no talent, but I sure as hell would not kick her out of bed!!

  72. biggie says:

    Wow!!! I hope she watched the game, and came out with a new song

  73. betsy buttock says:

    wow, can’t believe I JUST found this. she’s Asian too baby. “WHAD CHA DON LIK MY SEXY BOOODY??”