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Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Released! This Article Has No Clear Point! We’re Just Happy! Yay, Violence!

I’m not kidding when I say this article has no point to it. It really doesn’t. All the words you’re about to read are just an elaborate excuse for us to post the new Grand Theft Auto V trailer on our site and delude ourselves in to thinking that by doing so we had something to do with the actual creation of the game. We didn’t. We’re just a bunch of a-holes that are salivating over the new trailer, even though it’s basically a sizzle reel for the updated graphics engine, with a few interesting hints regarding the game’s story.

By now there are probably tons of people that are over the GTA series. That’s understandable, seeing as the series hasn’t changed much over the years, and may have actually regressed a bit with GTA IV. But for all of us here at HT, simply knowing that a GTA game is on the horizon is comforting. Watching the new trailer is like hearing that your favorite band from when you were in high school is getting back together and they’re currently in the middle of writing a new album. When GTA trailers aren’t being passed around online and GTA commercials aren’t running on every TV station ad nauseum, things in the world of pop culture tend to feel a little…empty.

All of us at HT are old enough to have grown up on the Grand Theft Auto games, starting from the early, top-down view PS1 games, to the pop culture explosion that was GTA III, to today. With the trailer for part 5 hitting the internet today, it’s reminiscent of what it was like living in the late ‘90s and hearing rumblings of a new Star Wars trilogy on the horizon. “OMGOMGOMG”, you thought. “More of the thing I love!” Of course, those movies sucked harder than any of us could have imagined. So we can only hope GTA V doesn’t feature a large, talking orange lizard-person that seems to exist for no other reason than to act as the physical embodiment of why this new version of the thing we love is so bad.

But I digress.

As you’ve no doubt noticed by now, the series is going back to San Andreas, or at least, the fictional city of Los Santos, the Los Angeles of the GTA universe. Personally, I think GTA: San Andreas is the best game in the series, so hopefully Rockstar has the wherewithal to retain many of the aspects and game play mechanics from our first trip to San Andreas. Planes, sky diving, weight gain/weight loss, hitting the gym and making C.J. (the main character of San Andreas) look like an NFL linebacker, the overall silliness of the game (there was an Area 51 analog…and experimental government jet packs!) – we can only hope all of that fun stuff makes its way in to the series, while at the same time retaining the sharp, at-times-poignant, at-times-infantile, social commentary that the series pulled off so well in GTA IV.

In other words, we can’t wait.

The trailer’s above all of this rambling, and I certainly won’t be offended if you completely skip over all this crap I just wrote and just watched the trailer 10 times in a row. In fact, I implore you to do so.

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