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New iPhone 4G Comparison Chart

This morning, Gizmodo announced that they had gotten their hands on a prototype iPhone 4G that someone left in a bar. Gizmodo’s initial report highlighted some interesting improvements between this new iPhone 4G and the 3Gs, the model that’s currently on the market. Unfortunately, the Gizmodo guys didn’t put together a comparison chart for the new iPhone 4G that they dissected and analyzed, so we took care of it for them:

10 Responses to "New iPhone 4G Comparison Chart"

  1. republicanamerican says:

    another thing not made in america! buy american you stupid apple fagboys

  2. pratik says:

    It’s like they’re trying too hard to be funny.

  3. DonkeyXote says:

    Steve Jobs masturbating…


  4. Someone who knows that Holy Taco's only getting worse says:

    Its called Cracked.com

    Smart ass.

  5. Someone who remembers when Holy Taco was a HUMOR website says:

    Wow, this shit’s remarkably lame. Must be the new guy’s doing.

  6. justin says:
    Drop us a link to your successful internet humor site so we can see how we should be doing it. 
  7. She's So Effing Right! says:

    FIRST!! yes, FINALLY!!!

  8. SecretlyGay says:

    I want that chat roulette app! I’m totally not gay though.

  9. bk_lucky13 says:

    masturbating online is going Mobil

  10. ht stop says:

    HT needs to stop with the shitty stuff. it’s not funny, nor do a lot of people like it.