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New Years Party Bingo

There’s a good chance you’ll be heading out to a New Years Eve party tonight, and it’s probably going to be really boring.  You may as well take this Bingo Card along to keep yourself entertained.

8 Responses to "New Years Party Bingo"

  1. # OVAR 9000! says:

    yeah, sorry, kinda got here early. So…Peanut brittle?

  2. Number One says:


  3. Number Two says:


  4. number 4304 says:

    four thousand three hundred and fouth!

  5. Nice! says:

    Holy Shit. Those comments were funnier than the actual reason I came here. Well done.

  6. FirstACTUALcomment says:

    Wow… I can see these things happening very soon…

  7. pratik says:

    Celebratory gun fire? Where’s that, deep Arkansas?

  8. hi says:

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