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News Headlines Don’t Get Any Better Than This

There’s really no point in even writing the news article if you’ve already got a headline like this. We have all the information we really need and adding in anything else like facts or dates or details would just feel like overkill.

Other crap to look at:
Anna Paquin gets nude in a video (egotastic)
Hugh Hefner’s new twins are felons (idontlikeyouinthatway)
Ashley Scott signs some girl’s chest (drunkenstepfather)
Suzanne Carlson is attractive (gorillamask)
Unlucky pigeon has really bad timing (nothingtoxic)
Emma Griffiths hates clothes (doubleviking)
Stacy Keibler in Maxim (cameltap)
The best of Ari Gold (tastybooze)
Indiana Jones was raped (theblemish)
We can always count on Salma Hayak’s cleavage (FListed)
Jennifer Connolly goes topless (mrskin)

3 Responses to "News Headlines Don’t Get Any Better Than This"

  1. pex says:

    lol, even sunday paper headlines don’t get that far.

  2. Lord Fuzzywig says:

    This is why I love living in Kansas…

  3. Todd Henkel says:

    The pigeon had “unlucky” timing??? Obviously you never manned up enough to ride a bike. Them bugs and stuff are just extra protein. And take off the f’ing helmet and windscreen sissy…