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Nice Face!


40 Responses to "Nice Face!"

  1. pratik says:

    That bracelet is NICE.

  2. Likes jewelry says:

    I will gladly present her with a beautiful hand (and mouth) crafted pearl necklace!

  3. G-Man7 says:

    The pic is 4 years old. According to the metadata it was taken with a Nikon D70 on 1/10/2006. Her boobs will be at her knees while this pic is still circulating the net.

  4. jimhl says:

    WOWO.She is very hot, right? It seems that she is a hot model on ====onenightcupid.com====. She is very hot on that club and many her fans are searching for her. HOT LADY!!

  5. Lutschki says:

    What is her name?

  6. krl says:

    who is that girl, please give us her name , where we can find more photos ….she is amazing!!!!!

  7. DonkeyXote says:


  8. S.M says:

    wow , so stuff

  9. Balwan says:

    hello how are you

  10. TechSupport says:

    I’ve seen better.

  11. This Girl Is Hot says:

    If somebody doesn’t surrender this lady name NOW, I will gonna bomb holytaco with a time bomb, logic bomb, viruses, trojans and whatever &$%&$&&**** I can come on with!

    Also she is very hot!

    In a non related matter, the New York Jets just got ahead 17 – 10 against the San Diego Chargers! Go Jets!! Also Tony Romo is the WORST QB Dallas Cowboys have ever got! They gotta get rid of him. Throw him in the black hole that is Kansas City Chiefs or Detroit Lions! By the way, Bret Favre is playing super great being 40 yrs old but the Vickings run will end in New Orleans. New Orleans Saints vs Indianapolis Colts will be the Super Bowl with the Colts winning it because Payton Manning is the best qb right now in the NFL.

  12. This Girl Is Hot says:

    My bad, the score is 17 – 7, wow……the Chargers suck more than I thought!

  13. abbas daeer says:

    you is peuteefull baby i love you ….have you…need you
    plees sande mee
    thanks for you
    abbas daeer/Iraq

  14. Mak says:

    Name Please!!!

  15. Antoninig3 says:

    Ohhhh My God oO’ Is very cat!!

  16. Likem Nasty says:

    I agree, I love this new fashion of women wearing sweaters/jackets made for little girls. I mean they barely go to the womans underarm…and the buttons and fabric are meant to look stretched to the max, like they are holding back 2 puppies. Two bald, shaved-smooth silicon-injected puppies.

  17. DonkeyXote says:

    That is a perfect choice for a sweater!


  18. Rapist says:

    i will just do sexual things to her that are illegal in most countries

  19. Mr. Beaner says:

    I would do passionate sex to her until the sunrise, then wake n’ bake.

  20. BHOLE EATER says:

    i lika da boobies

  21. JacktheStripper says:

    What, in Dubai? Or are you a murderer.

  22. luis says:

    jjaa I know her.. more han you know…. she’s amazing and very hot , she’s from Chile. I don’t really know her real name. She is believe or not… an escort.

  23. jizzed says:

    i would do things to her that could put me in jail for life

  24. Mmmm says:

    what face?
    i like her tits!!

  25. aPlateOfGrapes says:

    I am inclined to agree.

  26. toats mcgoats says:

    this might be the best pic posted anywhere ever

  27. DonkeyXote says:

    Me three!

  28. The guy who said Nessaja is an idiot is an even bigger idiot says:

    What is stupid, is constantly telling firsters that they are stupid! Get over it! Ignore it! Shut the fuck up!

  29. A.n.o.n.y.m.o.u.s. says:

    Pointless to argue; calling ‘first’ on every post in the world is baseline idiocy. You *know* you were first, so why are you posting the obvious unless you have nothing else better to do with you poor, boring life?

    Calling out people for doing it is just as fruitless an endeavor.

    So is calling someone out for calling someone out.

    So is having to explain this to a social group who’s combined IQ is probably something they picked up from the South Park, World of Warcraft and American Idol.

    TLDR version: You’re all morons, stfu already.

  30. Nessaja is an idiot says:

    Get a f$*$*$g life. “First” is stupid, like you Nessaja.

  31. kccommentator says:

    i’ll take one with nothing on it!

  32. sanders says:

    Where are moths when you need them…

  33. PorkedHerLoins says:

    needs more bacon

  34. Really?? says:

    Really? Fake? How gay are you, dude? Who cares about Photoshop?

  35. biren says:

    nice fice

  36. Fake says:

    Nice Photoshop work. Too bad someone got lazy around her waist. You can still see where the original outline was.

  37. Nessaja says:


  38. Anonymous7 says:

    who is this?

  39. jelly roll says:

    Best. Bolt-Ons. Ever.

  40. i just skeeted says:

    damn wow, best body ever!!!! skeet!!! skeet!!! ahhhhh!!!