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Nice One, Texas


12 Responses to "Nice One, Texas"

  1. dauter lover says:

    never knew your dauter was so flexible…..thanks

  2. jethro says:

    I love my sun

  3. Pedobear says:

    I love him too.

  4. A. Nell Fisher says:

    You love your son in the asshole on a nightly basis. Or at least you would if you had ever had sex.

  5. poo says:

    ^^ur the thinkn kind^^

  6. blunderbuss says:

    Yes. Comment section gold.

  7. Camel Tao says:

    They took the picture too soon; before the wedding party attached the cans and the “Just Married” sign.

  8. texas redneck says:

    yip! we be shum damn funnee bashturds.

  9. Joe The Asshole says:

    Texas rednecks never get old… lol

  10. ThePadrino says:

    This brings a bad name to the south .


  11. Dad sez.... says:

    Ya cee mhay dauter, she lyke er mom honlee tite’r.

  12. Haywood Jablowmi says:

    What so funny? All rednecks spell like that, and like to watch idiots making fast left turns for 500 miles.