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Nicole Narain

Age: 34

Where you’ve seen her: Nicole Narain was a Playboy Playmate in 2002 and has appeared in numerous Playboy videos. She was also in a sex tape with Colin Farrell a few years ago. It was her most impressive role yet.

Pointless quote: "I cry during sex sometimes. I think I’m just overwhelmed because it’s so great."




6 Responses to "Nicole Narain"

  1. Sam says:

    Another leather seat ruined by a chick’s high heel…

  2. Newt says:

    Ms. Narain did not consult Holy Taco’s Holy Lists before providing her pointless quote

  3. Salvador says:

    Oooh, she’s smokin. She does kind of look like one of Jon Tricky’s girls though: http://tinyurl.com/5c7d5c

  4. Athol Kelly says:

    Another instant erection and Damn!! now I have to go and change my shorts.

  5. CARLA says: