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Nikki Cox’s Head And Lips Never Stopped Growing

nikki cox head stopped growing

And now, a letter from my penis…

Dear Nikki Cox (and other Hollywood Starlets),

Please stop doing weird things to your face and head. I do not understand why you feel the need to constantly screw (no pun intended) with yourselves. You’re already attractive. Stop filling every crevice with collagen or botulism or pig feces or whatever the hell those crackpot doctors use to try and make you look younger. I would prefer you just look like a normal person who’s 29, than a bloated, alien horse (with a very nice body, I might add) who’s screaming for her younger years. Because the bad news is, people who get plastic surgery don’t look younger or sexier (except for Ashlee Simpson), they just look like people who’ve had plastic surgery.

I don’t ask for a lot. A warm (and moist) place to lie my head, and a human face to think about while my head is lying there. So please, lay off the cosmetic surgery. For me.


My Penis

PS: This rant does not include breast implants.

nikki cox head lips stopped growing nikki cox head lips stopped growing nikki cox head lips stopped growing

7 Responses to "Nikki Cox’s Head And Lips Never Stopped Growing"

  1. FRIDAY_coed says:

    Love the NAME!!! I wonder what you like hehe

  2. seth says:

    she’s still banging hot

  3. holyCow says:

    why the long face?

  4. t&t says:

    I guess thats the price you pay for tits that never stop growing either


  5. kalywhite says:

    whatever u’re saying, the sexy looking are always in the focus!! know what, she really should be famous on the tall dating site __T a l l m i n g l e__ for dating~ ,seems it’s such a waste being here!!lol…..

  6. orren says:

    she was beautiful now she is scary looking . what the hell is up with those lips

  7. jim howard says:

    You don’t know what happened to this women well enough to make any blanke statements or judgments about her present disfigurement. Let her or her husband make a statement before you judge. At least she didn’t withdraw into reclusiveness untill she could do something about it. A lot of people are butchered by inept plastic surgeons. She may be trying to show other young women that this kind of thing could happen to them. She has to have a lot of courage to be a spokes person against this kind of mutilation!! It happens to many young women every day. These so called surgeons should all be in prison!!!!