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Nikolina Pisek

Age: No idea.

Where you’ve seen her: Nikolina Pisek is a Croatian model. Are you Croatian? If you answered no, then you probably haven’t seen her before.

Here are some Croatian words I don’t understand: Ograni?en pristup svim ?lanovima nižim od “dojaja ?lan”

Thanks to Lea for sending her in.

9 Responses to "Nikolina Pisek"

  1. v.g.bond says:

    If there is an IPO for bottled water in Croatia, some body please let me know….

  2. Avenir says:

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  3. Buddy Ice says:

    She looks like one of those girls that you stare at, but when she looks back, you look the other way and start shuffling your feet and whistling.

    GOD, I hate being a pussy.

  4. lea says:

    its cuz i love you guys :)

  5. lea says:

    ps: what you wrote in croatian was from a forum telling you that you can’t view pics of her if you’re not a certain status in the forum od ‘dojaja’ which means… ballsy? haha. all I’M SAYIN is: i’ll keep sending em in if you keep postin em!

  6. stunned says:

    …she looks like a cross between Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron.

    Maybe there’s a god after all.

  7. myron cliffhead says:

    what is so special about her? My mom is prettier..and she said I am handsome.

  8. curt says:

    perfect legs feet on one end pussy on the other

  9. mark says:

    i would stick a straw in her pussy and suck it dry