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No More Playboy Mansion Parties?

The night I was at the Playboy Mansion for a party, I saw two very different approaches for trying to bang playmates.  The first was the “Celeb Move” which was used by Jeremy Piven.  He simply stood near the playmates and pretended to text on his cell phone until they recognized him, and came over.  The other move was by some guy who grabbed his buddy, stood right next to the playmates, and then had an incredibly loud conversation where he used the phrase “This Bruce Willis movie I’m producing is killing me” about one thousand times until the playmates overheard him and came over.  I think both Piven and the Producer douche banged playmates that night.  My point is, if you’re rich or famous, a Playboy Mansion party is basically the perfect venue for you to sleep with a big fake boobed model.  But no longer.  Perezhilton.com reports:

Apparently, after so many years of partying, Hugh Hefner is giving it up.

Word is that this year’s annual Halloween party will be the last event he will personally throw. Sources are also claiming it’s being done to cut costs.

No more Playboy Mansion parties?  I’d hate to be the person who broke this news to Bill Maher.  I think they probably called him up, there was no answer, and then they went over to his house and found this:

2 Responses to "No More Playboy Mansion Parties?"

  1. L says:

    I want to know why Hef is holding a custom-made Paris Hilton Real Doll with demon eyes.

  2. That’s quite possibly the worst photoshop i’ve ever seen.