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No One Shops Harder Than James Hetfield

12 Responses to "No One Shops Harder Than James Hetfield"

  1. brilliantman says:

    of course a band should stay the same for 25 years, you faggot.

  2. Amarie says:

    If bands stayed exactly the same for 25 years, don’t you think that they would just sound like they were ripping themselves off eventually?

    People run out of ideas sometimes. You don’t necesarilly need to, but I think it might be wise to change it up a bit every once in a while, just to avoid anyone saying, “Oh, such and such song sounds just like another song they made a few years back.”

    Granted, they are not as good as they used to be back in the day, you gotta cut them a little slack.

  3. Holy Terror says:

    Flip flops?! Wow what a faggot. Seriously. You’d have to be some kind of cock gobbling rejects to wear flip flops. Sure fire sign that that pole smoker is going down in what we all know is the most important test of one’s overall ability: the cage match.

  4. hdhdhdhd says:

    metallica is a fucking ugly shit! the first years were very fucking good, but they just sell their asses, and attack napster and begun to make shitty music

  5. FarBeyond says:


    I’m “old school” and that shit is soooooooooooo right on…

    Sell-out anyone?

    Now that the gay Bob Rock is gone, maybe it will better… I’m sure it won’t be the same level it was in 88-91 era…

  6. T BONE says:

    hell no farbeyond their latest album is spot on.

    gotta say its pretty funny to see him getting old and shopping at armani with some old hippie chicks/groupies

  7. Tickaz says:

    HAHHAHAHAh funny lyrics
    now i have that song in my head

  8. mike says:

    best part is that rob is just chinllin in the back for no apparent reason new album sucks metallica 1981-1989 rip

  9. KG says:

    Damn, dudes wearing flip flops make them look so dainty … Call me weird, but when I see guys in flip flops I feel as if it would be easy to beat them in a cage match

  10. Vance says:

    Hey…give James a break. people get older and chill. Hell, he doesn’t drink anymore…so maybe he shops now.

    The new Metallica disc is pretty damn good in my opinion. I like MOP the best, but it’s the best thing they have done in years. You can tell they put a ton of work into it. If people thinks it sucks, maybe you should pay attention a little closer. It’s as close to old Metallica as your gonna get.

    Do expect a band to sound the same for…say 25 years?

    That would get pretty boring as an artist, don’t you think. Sure, they tried some new things and it was s**t for the past few years, but they are back on track.

    James has a wife and family…he’s sober now.

    Good for him.

  11. Sam says:

    Aw, c’mon, you guys! Death Magnetic is AWESOME! Personal opinion, but just look at how excited the band is STILL about it, almost two years after its release. When they’re excited about their music, I get excited about it, too. And the amount of work that everyone put into it was 110%. No, it’s not the same. Should it be? Probably not. Everything changes, grows, and has periods of time where things might not seem so peachy. But they’ve still got it. That youthful, convicted drive that drove them from L.A. outcasts to the kings of the metal universe. So even if you think that some of their stuff wasn’t up to snuff (IMO, I love every single album they’ve ever done for different reasons, but that’s just me), or if you just don’t like it anyway, you’ve at least got to admit that Death Magnetic is very well-composed, very driven, and all around very Metallica!

    As for this pic…I love it. The Met-ladies are all chillin’, James is chillin’ with a ever so slightly peeved…kinda confused expression on his face…and Rob’s just like, “what?” And, hey- you’ve got a bazillon dollars, whaddya gonna do with it? You’re gonna shop! And Armani has some nice stuff, metalhead or not.

  12. the reg says:

    james is close to being a biilionaire………………and a donuthole