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Now You Can Destroy Tony Romo

It’s common knowledge that Tony Romo can’t complete a pass if his favoritest vagina, Jessica Simpson, is in the stands. Now YOU can be his favoritest vagina by downloading a Jessica mask at RuinRomo.com. The gist of RuinRomo is that if a lot of people show up at a game looking like J-Simp, T-Ro’s loins will fire up and make him unable to drill his tight end. The only instructions are:

1) Buy Tickets to the next Dallas Game.
2) Print out this picture in Full Color.
3) Cut out eyes and head.
4) Paste or tape to a heavy piece of paper or cardboard.
5) Paste popsicle stick to bottom for easy handling.
6) Bring it to the game and let Tony know Jessica is there for him!
7) Celebrate after your team wins!

If you hate the Cowboys, it’s your duty to show up at the next Dallas game looking like a Hollywood whore. If you love the Cowboys, well, you’re probably a fatass Texan who could use makeover.

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