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Obama Does Not Agree With Kanye

Last night at the MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West beat out Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton for world’s biggest douche. It was a close race, but Kanye went home with the trophy after his infantile outburst onstage. This is the best remix video of last night’s events you’ll see all day.
The Best Mugshot T’s Ever (TheChive)
Scarlett Johanson Has An Album (DailyFill)
Claudia Schiffer Does Tank (TotallyCrap)
Celebrities Who Probably Have Bad Gas (Manofest)
Airbag Seat Stunt (EvilChili)
Megan Fox Hotness Gallery (AskMen)
Olga Famarki Is A Babe (DoubleViking)
 Pixie Locks Loves Guitar Hero (HollywoodTuna)
Melissa Satta Bikini (CelebSlam)
This is a fried fork lift (Ehowa)
Bus Destroys Porsche (NothingToxic)
We Go To Burning Man (Atom)
Kathy Eussie Is A Hot Rocker (Uncoached)
The Pacman Poker Chip (Walyou)

4 Responses to "Obama Does Not Agree With Kanye"

  1. Polish me says:

    Could you imagine what would happen if I put mashed potatoes in my anus?

  2. philosiphuck says:

    this is hilarious.

  3. A. Nell Fisher says:

    Get back in your bunker, beat off to your back issues of Soldier of Fortune, and don’t come out till the rapture is over, fucking wacko motherfucker.

  4. Exile says:

    Meh, World Famous Racist Kanye West would never interrupt his beloved Fuhrer Adolf Obama. Kanye is a retard with a room temperature IQ. That automatically makes him a Democrap.