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Old Men On The Block

The New Kids On The Block were in Las Vegas this weekend for their reunion tour, where they performed for a crowd of screaming 40-year old women. According to TMZ:

“Last night in Las Vegas, the New Kids arrived to the kind of crowd that used to go bonkers for ‘em 20 years ago…In all my years in Vegas, I’ve never seen such pandemonium over anybody.”

My sister used to have a NKOTB sleeping bag.  Once, on a family camping trip, I emptied a whole tube of toothpaste into the bottom of her sleeping bag as a prank. She didn’t realize that it was filled with toothpaste until the next morning, because she woke up covered in toothpaste. I got in big trouble and wasn’t allowed to go fishing with the rest of the family, and I had to stay at the campsite by myself and shoot chipmunks with a BB gun. I think it’s pretty clear that NKOTB is to blame for the whole situation. Because of them, I had to miss a fun fishing trip, and a whole bunch of chipmunks (and one squirrel) got seriously injured. Way to hang tough, New Kids.

As for the New Kids’ performance, I think this pic from backstage pretty much says it all:

3 Responses to "Old Men On The Block"

  1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion I guess, but blaming NKOTB for the trouble that you got? Oh well, whatever!

  2. PDK says:

    beebee gun? you fuckin grape smuggler!

  3. Seth says:

    You might as take where it says “unable to get enough cock” in the previous story, and throw it right before the headline of this story.