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OMFG! My hat is pooping on me!


14 Responses to "OMFG! My hat is pooping on me!"

  1. KingKongWentToHongKongToPlayPingPongWithHisDingDong says:

    fap fap FAP FAP FAP

  2. Michael Jackson says:

    looks like she has just seen you naked mr she-male!

  3. philosophers daddy says:

    lets phuck that ass buoy

  4. philosopher says:

    if that bird drops an egg on her head, she will really freak out

  5. Zues says:

    HA. Thats funny as hell!
    Little kids look so cute when they are trembling in fear.

  6. mkomkomko says:

    you are a fuckstick

  7. memorizes langdale says:

    and you are a choad-stool.

  8. smite Katonah, says:

    she is gonna grow up to be one fuckin fugly butterface.

  9. Nice Story Bro says:

    Little kids are sooo fun to scare. BOO YOU UGLY LITTLE GREMLIN

  10. Ronald McDonald says:

    lol…I was thinking the same thing.

  11. Philanderer says:

    The bird… the bird is looking at the same thing. I think they’re looking at a nude Rosie O’Donnell.

  12. The Plagiarizer says:

    Birds: Scary As Shit

  13. Ally says:

    The bird is saying: “Please, you gotta help me, I’ve got a screaming kid stuck to my feet!”

  14. That guy from Unsolved Mysteries says:

    What the picture doesn’t show, is that this little girl was merely taking a shit. She went everywhere with that bird.
    If you see either of them, you are urged to contact your local authorities.