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One of These Things Is Not Like The Other…

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16 Responses to "One of These Things Is Not Like The Other…"

  1. darkman71 says:

    Look at this broke ass nigros

  2. Anonymous37892401 says:

    then where is the camera dumb ass?

  3. blunderbuss says:

    Alone in the dark… priceless. I wonder if those guys ever got the irony of it.

  4. AmericanBad@$$ says:

    That pic was taken right b4 the wigger “serviced” his good pals.

  5. Dr. Johnson says:

    It’s sickle cell. Isn’t it?

  6. UberOops says:

    Wonder if the white boy walks and talks “black” around his dark friends and holds his nuts in public…

  7. ChAjI says:

    the thing thats not like the other is that one guy wearing a white shirt! didnt he get the memo to wear balck shirts?

    or maybe the the thing is that the white guy is the victim and the others are the theives? cause why would 3 black men be around so much high tech computer equipment? hmm…

  8. Haywood Jablowmi says:

    They are the next up and coming R&B sensation The White Guy and His Bitches.

  9. Depy says:

    Is it the homosexual on the right?

  10. Depy says:

    Left, dammit.

  11. MrKillson says:

    But that picture was taken in a mirror with their backs turned to it so it IS on the right.

  12. Depy says:

    OH SHI-

  13. Tudge Malvin says:

    His shirt is oddly appropriate.

  14. queeftard says:

    uh, yeah, that’s kinda the whole joke

  15. Topless roboteer says:

    I wonder if he knows his shirt jus made him a racist? haha

  16. MR.sir says:

    hahahahaha i remember when they took this pic, pretty cool how it ended up here