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One Step Forward, Two Feet Back

If I had been born with some sort of physical abnormality (aside from a bad case of micropenis and something the nurses called “shitty face”) I would take everything that life would give me. Well, Wang Fang (yes, that’s her real name) of some city in China is clearly not me. She was born with her feet facing backwards and instead of sitting on her ass watching Beijing’s version of Judge Judy all day and collecting disability checks, she decided to get a job as a frickin’ waitress and fight the disabled classification the Chinese government wanted to give her. I’m all for a feel good story, but maybe Wang should’ve spent a little more time in her high school counselor’s office. I hate being on my frontwards-facing feet for more than 10 minutes, yet Wang chose a  profession that has her moonwalking all over a restaurant for hours at a time. C’mon Wang, the Chinese government isn’t known for it’s human rights, but if they’re willing to give you a leg up, you should take it.

 Source: DailMail.co.uk

One Response to "One Step Forward, Two Feet Back"

  1. CagePotato says:

    I call bullshit.