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OOOh Snap! The New Kardashian Christmas Card Just Dropped, Son!

When I wrote about the 2010 Kardashian Christmas card, I had no idea the card would be a yearly tradition on par with repeat viewings of It’s A Wonderful Life and vomiting egg nog in to the Christmas tree base, thus making the tree exude a wonderful partially digested egg nog/pine scent through its tree pours.

This year, the Kardashian Klan decided to go with a cold, emotionless, and dark theme, very much like a Tim Burton-themed Christmas, perhaps in an effort to mirror the current state of their dead souls. The Kardhasian’s have achieved their goal by looking like an extra morbid version of the Addams Family. Piercing, menacing glares fired off in an inconsistent assortment of directions is what Christmas is all about, really.

They all look like they’re trying way too hard to wait for a bus. As if they’re straining to look like normal humans that are just, you know, hanging out. If you told someone to pretend like they were waiting for a bus, you would get one of the 11 poses pictured above. Bus stations should turn this in to a bus station standing etiquette pamphlet and keep stacks of it by every ticket window for those that don’t know what to do with their hands or do not which direction to stare at for no reason while waiting for a bus.

Also, those things at the top look like tits. Just sayin’.

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