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Ortega Shells or GTFO, Wolfman

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22 Responses to "Ortega Shells or GTFO, Wolfman"

  1. aPlateOfGrapes says:

    …and AIDS too!

  2. darkman71 says:

    I think teen wolf shit on his self!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous12365478902 says:

    me in 10 years ^.^

  4. office jerk says:


  5. FranTheBanana says:

    Some people will do anything to get on the internet (including me).

  6. Wolfie says:

    Clap for the Wolfman!

  7. Mudbutt says:

    Like y … ehh, fuck it, it’s too easy.

  8. Philosofag says:

    Philosopher compliments a wolf man in his underwear yet bashes every pic of every next to naked hot chick put up on this site… Maybe you should go to another site for your gay fantasies

  9. Anonymous says:

    Notice how his tighty-whities DON’T have any skidmarks, philosopher? Go wipe your ass.

  10. Master Of None says:

    at least he’s in shape, it could be a nasty fat man we’d have to be seeing in tighty-whiteys.

  11. comedyicondotcom says:

    Next to himself,Teenwolf likes Taco’s & BVD’s best.

  12. Fringe says:

    i really don’t want to meet Dracula

  13. philosoraptor says:

    i really don’t want to read your posts anymore, PHILOSOPHER

  14. rundowns weney says:

    spit on your hand and stroke my cock at a medium pace

  15. Adam Sandler says:

    Lift up my scrotum and take the shampoo bottle out of my ass. Pretend I’m the pizza delivery guy and watch me whack off. Strap on a dildo and make me give you head. Then shave off my pubes and punch me in the face.

  16. noahaction says:

    i hope this guy is high.

  17. Dspayre says:

    I just hope it’s a guy.

  18. The Cow says:

    Jeez, Philosopher, every time I come over for dinner, your mom always makes tacos.

  19. Topless roboteer says:

    he wants to put his beef in your taco

  20. Pro Ear Cleaner says:


  21. dangitbobby says:

    red bull’s a hell of a drug …

  22. Dspayre says:

    Can anyone read the lists on the cupboard door?