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Our Military Makes Low Budget PSAs

When soldiers are stationed overseas, they are forced to watch the AFN (American Forces Network), which is full of crappy homemade PSAs. One of their long running “series” of PSAs involves an itty bitty mouse named Squeakers and a devious computer-hacking surveillance cat who teach us about the importance of secrecy. (There’s also a dog and a rabbit here and there, but who’s counting?) It must be great to be stuck defending your country in some godforsaken 110-degree hole and have to spend your free time watching Squeakers try and outsmart a cat. (I guess you could read a book, but that’s kind of boring.) If we really want to support the troops, maybe we could give them some decent programming or some of the best military videos.

Dispose of Sensitive Materials – Watch more free videos
5. Dispose Of Sensitive Materials Properly
If you really want to make sure a snooping cat doesn’t find your Top Secret Files, you’ll have to tear then up four or five times.

Everyone’s Responsibility – Watch more free videos
4. It’s Everyone’s Responsibility
Where the hell did that cat get a long range microphone and those sweet headphones? Maybe the military should be asking those questions instead of making these crappy PSAs.

Cat Hacker Central – Watch more free videos
3. Don’t Give Out Sensitive Information Over The Internet
Cat Hacker Central has been responsible for more identity theft than Nigeria spammers and dumpster divers combined.

AFN Watch What You Say – Watch more free videos
2. Watch What You Say
A rabbit taking the Hamster Route? Now I’ve heard everything!

AFN Binoculars – Watch more free videos
1. Notice Anyone Suspicious
This one kind of threw me for a loop because in all the previous PSAs, Squeakers the mouse was the good guy and the Cat (who’s clearly a member of Cat Hacker Central) was the bad guy. But in the PSA the tables have turned and Squeakers is the suspicious character. Way to keep us on our toes, military!

6 Responses to "Our Military Makes Low Budget PSAs"

  1. Pratik says:

    Yup, why should they spend all that money on the soldiers when there are incredibly important gala events to be had? It makes perfect sense… see the YouTube clip for what I’m saying.


  2. Wilford Brimley says:

    Do they really make our military watch these? I thought our government banned torture.

  3. Dude that has to watch this crap says:

    You’ve barely hit the tip of the iceberg guys. I’ve been exposed to this garbage for the last 3 years. You can’t get away from it. Every once and a while they slip and show us a regular commercial, but those days are few and far between. It gets worse…They also put very similar commercials on the radio as well. I guess the worst commercials deal with date rape. I see about 3 or 4 different date rape commercials per day.

  4. sara says:

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  5. DarthCirrocu says:

    Yeah, those aren’t even the worst ones. The locally-produced, base-specific commercials made by the local AFN guys have been clinically proven to kill brain cells faster than the local hooch.

    When I was stationed in Australia we had the AFN feed and the local Aussie channels. I watched the Aussie TV probably 90% of the time. Hard to believe, but sometimes you just want somebody to try and sell you something.

  6. AFN blows says:

    watched and still watching afn for 5 years, the worst ones had general fogelnuts fatass wife trying to get out his fighter jet