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People Who Are NOT Having Not Their Best Day

Don't know about you, but I can totally relate to Mr. Basketboner.

By:|March 26, 2014


Life After Porn: What Are Your Favorite Adult Film Stars Doing Now?

The Duke University porn star (Miriam Weeks/Belle Knox) wants to graduate and become a lawyer, defending the rights of sex workers. But as these eight stars could tell you, leaving the adult film game isn't as easy as it sounds.

By:|March 25, 2014


Rest in Peace, James Rebhorn and Oderus Urungus: A Photo Tribute

The entertainment world lost two bright stars this weekend. And while their creative output was wildly different, they shared one thing in common: Integrity.

By:|March 24, 2014


The Worst Fail Moments and F*ck-Ups From TV News Broadcasts — A Video Tribute

News anchors are much funnier to watch fuck-up than your average nobody, because they do it with so much seriousness.

By:|March 24, 2014

File image of rock legends The Who

10 Classic Songs With Bizarre, Illogical Titles — And What They Should Be Called Instead

Like many misinformed rock fans, I used to think that "Baba O'Riley" by The Who was called "Teenage Wasteland." It's an honest mistake, considering that the phrase teenage wasteland appears five times in the song, while the name Baba O'Riley shows up exactly zero times.

By:|March 21, 2014


Good Riddance: Fred Phelps Sr., Westboro Baptist Church Founder and World’s Biggest Asshole, Dead at 84

Fred Phelps Sr., longtime leader of the Kansas-based hate-cult known as Westboro Baptist Church, has died at the age of 84 after a long battle with who cares, fuck that guy.

By:|March 20, 2014


“Tom Hanks” By Buckwheat Groats Is the Greatest Tom Hanks-Themed Rap Song of All Time, Period

The lack of a Joe Versus the Volcano reference is disappointing, but still, this is important, high-quality work. Plus, the juxtaposition of Hanks's lovable face amidst all this gangster shit is instantly hilarious.

By:|March 19, 2014


PLEASE Don’t Call It a Comeback: Six Musical Acts That Should Stay the Hell Away Forever

Here are just a few acts that should either drink cyanide or simply never, ever, ever get back together.

By:|March 19, 2014


Inexplicable Video of the Day: “Satanic Puberty”

There are two teenage boys playing pretend-guitars made out of cardboard. One of them is shirtless. The other is wearing a leather jacket over a torso that probably shouldn't be exposed in public.

By:|March 18, 2014


Farrah Abraham’s New Song ‘BLOWIN’ Makes Rebecca Black Look Like Ludwig Van Beethoven

Remember when we all thought "Friday" was the worst song ever? This is much worse. "BLOWIN" isn't nearly as catchy as "Friday," and it doesn't communicate the same hopefulness for the end of the week.

By:|March 18, 2014


Six Awful Celebrity Couples That Should Split Up for the Sake of Humanity

Famous couples that have made the Internet, the silver screen, television and everything else a little less bearable simply by being together. (Warning: There are three different Kardashians on this page.)

By:|March 17, 2014


21 Sexy Redheads Wearing Green — A St. Patrick’s Day Photo Tribute

Today is St. Patrick's Day, the Irish holiday in which we celebrate public drunkenness, public drunkenness again, and beautiful women with red hair.

By:|March 17, 2014


BEHOLD: The Playboy Ass-Golfing Stunt That Made Model Liz Dickson Sue for $500,000

Shouldn't a person assume some level of risk when they agree to let their ass be used as a driving range?

By:|March 15, 2014


So Here’s That Video of Lady Gaga Being Barfed On at SXSW

Lady Gaga is a Garbage Pail Kid come to life.

By:|March 14, 2014


The 30 Greatest Texas Mugshot Photos of All Time

With celebrity appearances from Johnny Cash, Johnny Football, Anna Nicole Smith, and Matthew McConaughey, who was throwing a pretty good one-man party at the time.

By:|March 14, 2014


Jen Selter’s Vanity Fair Photos Fall Short of Our Jen Selter Ass-Photo Standards

Jen Selter's ass needs no introduction. Arguably the most famous ass on the Internet, Jen Selter's ass has drawn over 2.6 million followers on Instagram, the vast majority of whom are thirsty dudes who frantically type out their fantasies about what they would do to Jen Selter's ass, if given the opportunity.

By:|March 13, 2014

Begging for forgiveness

For the Ladies: Seven Reasons You Should Consider Anal Sex

Try it, you'll love it. No seriously. Trust me.

By:|March 12, 2014


1989 Internet Headlines, If They Happened Today

It's hard to imagine now, but people in 1989 had no idea what a "cat GIF" was, and could only access pornography through magazines and videocassettes.

By:|March 12, 2014


A Brief History of Politicians Shamelessly Pandering to Young People

Maybe the President could have appealed to those poor, oppressed college students of America in a more serious manner than going on a talk show, but-OOOOH CAT GIF BUZZFEED LIST KATE UPTON NUDES.

By:|March 11, 2014


Eight Rock Bands That Became More Successful After the Deaths of Original Members

From AC/DC and Metallica to the B-52s and Sublime, we take a closer look at bands that got big after a member got dead.

By:|March 11, 2014