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The 12 Greatest Lines From Justin Bieber’s Lawsuit Deposition

Photographer's lawyer: Isn't it true that Usher was instrumental in starting your career? Bieber: I was found on YouTube. I think that I was detrimental to my own career. [Ed. note: LMAO!]

By:|March 10, 2014


15 Things You Should Do Now That True Detective Is Over

1. Stare at this GIF for ten minutes, while pondering the mysteries of the universe.

By:|March 10, 2014


The 25 Sexiest NSFW American Apparel Ads

They make a heck of a nice t-shirt, too!

By:|March 8, 2014


Chelsea Handler’s Twitter F*ck-Up, And Other Racist Tweets That Failed Hard

Can we all agree that Chelsea Handler should go back to Africa?

By:|March 7, 2014


The 50 Craziest Florida Mugshot Photos of All Time

I have no idea what's up with Florida, you guys. Literally every day, there's at least one news story that illustrates what a pit of depravity and insanity that state is.

By:|March 6, 2014


Taking Upskirt Photos of Strangers Is Now Legal in Massachusetts, Apparently

"Upskirting" is the time-honored practice of pointing a camera under an unsuspecting lady's skirt and taking a photo. I'm going to assume you guys already knew that.

By:|March 6, 2014


23 Serious Questions Raised by the Existence of BroApp

When technology allows us more convenience and efficiency at the expense of genuine humanity, is that progress?

By:|March 5, 2014


The Eight Best ‘South Park’ Video Game Episodes of All Time

To honor the South Park gang’s latest achievement with The Stick of Truth, I’ve taken it upon myself to catalog and rank the show’s video game-centric episodes so you f*cking noobs will still have something to complain about on this joyous day.

By:|March 4, 2014


Jennette McCurdy Lingerie Photos Leaked, Pervy Sam & Cat Fans Rejoice

Jennette McCurdy is one of those women we feel weird about having a crush on, considering she was still a teenager when she became famous. (See also: McKayla Maroney.)

By:|March 4, 2014


King Joffrey, Carl Grimes, And Five More Hate-Worthy TV Characters We’d Like to Kick Down a Flight of Stairs

I don’t know anyone who loves Game of Thrones who doesn’t want to see Joffrey die. Like, painfully. Like, right now.

By:|March 3, 2014


Ellen’s Oscars Selfie: The 12 Greatest Photoshop Parodies

Ellen DeGeneres's star-studded selfie during the 2014 Oscars broadcast literally broke the Internet, and inspired some truly hilarious (and terrifying) photoshops. Here are a dozen of our favorites.

By:|March 3, 2014


‘Attractive Convict’ Meme-Girl Meagan Simmons Sues InstantCheckmate.com for Invasion of Privacy

Does Meagan have a case here, or does your face become public domain after you become a meme?

By:|February 28, 2014


Eight Utterly Frustrating Video Games That You Could Never Beat

Battletoads is the antichrist of games. It is the Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate of games. If anyone ever told you they beat it alone without the use of a Game Genie, THEY LIED TO YOUR FACE.

By:|February 28, 2014


Photo Gallery: 22 Disturbingly Sexy Clowns

Clowns don't have to be utterly terrifying. Here are 22 photos of sexy clowns who we'd be happy to find hiding under our beds.

By:|February 27, 2014


25 Honest Thoughts a Guy Had on Tinder

23. Take the sun glasses and ski mask off. TELL ME WHO YOU ARE.

By:|February 26, 2014


The Taco Bell Waffle Taco And Five More Fast Food Innovations That Nobody Asked For

Stuff it down your rotten throats, you disgusting waste of space. It's cheap, it's fast, and what else are you going to eat in the morning, oatmeal? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oatmeal! Right!

By:|February 26, 2014


The Nine Greatest Cartoon PSAs of the ’80s

Classic Reagan-era hysteria about drugs and sexual-predators, presented in a way that would give children nightmares. Let's take a fond look back at our favorites...

By:|February 25, 2014


The Ultimate Piers Morgan Douchebag Highlight Reel [VIDEOS]

What better way to bid a famous douchebag adieu than by compiling a definitive highlight reel of his greatest failures?

By:|February 24, 2014


23 Photos/GIFs of Lili Simmons, True Detective‘s Super-Hot Home-Wrecker

As soon as Beth uttered those nine magic words, we knew that Marty's marriage was doomed.

By:|February 24, 2014


Six Movie Remakes That Are Better Than the Originals

The Departed and The Thing? Absolutely. RoboCop? Hell no.

By:|February 21, 2014