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The First Trailer for ‘Leprechaun: Origins’ Starring the WWE’s Hornswoggle Lacks Leprechauns, a Sense of Humor

I guess you could say that the filmmakers behind Leprechaun: Origins...are real gold diggers. (YYYYYYEAHHHH!!!!)

By:|June 10, 2014


We Get It. Nicolas Cage is Wacky. Enough Already

In the beginning, Nicolas Cage being the ultimate scenery-chewing actor was pretty chuckle-worthy. But now the joke is old. He's a quirky dude who clearly isn't a fan of subtlety -- we get it. Photoshopping his You Don't Say face onto everything adds nothing to the conversation.

By:|June 10, 2014


Unappreciated Awful: Orskog Bank’s Awkward Dance Video

Orskog Bank, a savings bank from Sweden, has an awkwardly white music video featuring their awkwardly white employees literally dancing for their jobs. How this goofy thing has gone four years without garnering millions of hits and shares galore is beyond us.

By:|June 10, 2014


Meet Claudia Ochoa Felix, World’s Sexiest Drug Cartel Assassin (Allegedly)

Claudia Ochoa Felix has legs for days, ass for months, and can probably have you executed like the gringo dog you are.

By:|June 10, 2014

miss usa

Five Competitions the Miss USA Pageant Should Consider Adopting

The excruciatingly dull fluff-fest that Miss USA has become is in need of a makeover, pun so intended, starting with the addition of a few new, more American competitions.

By:|June 9, 2014


Meet Mark Wilson, The Man Who Loves Poop More Than Life Itself [VIDEO]

Mark Wilson's "I'm on the Pot" is a ten-minute, family-friendly ode to taking big, satisfying shits. Like an overexcited child, he REALLY wants you to know how much he loves poop and pooping. The fact that he has almost nothing to say about pooping beyond "I like it" doesn't deter him one bit.

By:|June 9, 2014


Local Hack Writes Fake News, About to Fool Everyone…Again

Yet another unfunny troll's bullshit "fake news" is about to be made viral by an unquestioning Internet. State officials, and anybody else who doesn't just skim headlines and hulk smash their keyboard in pure rage, are flabbergasted as to why this keeps happening.

By:|June 9, 2014


Eva Andressa: Foxy or Freaky? [39 Photos]

Eva has thighs like a prime Bo Jackson, and the bulging abs of a He-Man action figure. The question is: Are you into that sort of thing?

By:|June 8, 2014

jeff bear

Screw Sharknado 2: The Second One, Watch Bear Force One Instead

Instead of supporting Tara Reid's cocaine and Krispy Kreme habit when Sharknado 2 premieres in July, watch Bear Force One with your friends and thank me later.

By:|June 6, 2014


Super Bowl 50, Not Super Bowl L: Journalistic Excellence

The NFL is ditching the Roman numbers for Super Bowl 50 because they decided Super Bowl L was too goofy-looking. Luckily, every single news site that has ever existed was right there to cover every possible angle of this breaking, world-shattering news story.

By:|June 6, 2014


Ant Man Should Stay Directorless (and Go Scriptless)

Ant Man has no director and perhaps it never will. We feel it should stay that way, and that they should also chuck the script, cast people who know nothing of the character, and turn the film into an unorganized (and hilarious) free-for-all.

By:|June 6, 2014


The Seven Most Ratchet Dollar Store Fights Ever [VIDEOS]

There's a fight going down, right now, at a Dollar Store near all of you.

By:|June 5, 2014


Grading 50 Cent’s Terrible Excuses for His Terrible Pitch

50 Cent threw one of the worst pitches in baseball history a few days ago, and won't admit that he did it on purpose because his new album needs attention of any kind. Rather, he's been vomiting out dumb-ass excuse after dumb-ass excuse, each one more cringe-worthy than the last.

By:|June 5, 2014


The Failed and Forgotten Acting Career of John Wilkes Booth

John Wilkes Booth was a famous and talented actor for a few years back in the 1860's, and then he broke his leg and just disappeared. Nobody seems to care about his fame, fortune, or scene-stealing Shakespearean performances anymore, and for the life of us, we just cannot figure out why.

By:|June 5, 2014

eileen bridge

Today in Animal Attacks: Hawk KO’s a Senior Citizen, British Man Eaten Alive by Dogs

The animal uprising has commenced. Use your children as a protective shield.

By:|June 4, 2014


Answering All Your Questions About the “Airplane Almost Hits Sunbather” Video

Question #1: Is this just some new form of German scat porn?

By:|June 4, 2014


Otto V, World’s Worst Rapper: Why Isn’t He Viral Yet?

Otto V can't rap, has nothing to say, but insists he's the greatest and most revolutionary figure in hip-hop history. Is he deluded, or simply embarking on a failed quest to go viral? The only way to find out for sure is to make him go viral and see what happens.

By:|June 4, 2014


6 Ways Rob Gronkowski Can Stop Sucking at Improv Comedy

New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski appeared on Who Line Is It Anyway and sucked. At the same time, he's got potential to be a better wacky improv guy later in life. He just has to follow our simple six-step guide to jockish hilarity.

By:|June 4, 2014


Weed Coffee? Yeah No…We’ll Take The Real Thing

It'll never be as good as either substance on its own.

By:|June 3, 2014


Gwyneth Paltrow: World’s Greatest Troll?

At first, Gwyneth Paltrow seems like a vapid, privileged, dumbass. But in actuality, she's the single greatest celebrity troll since Andy Kaufman. Her idiotic, out-of-touch outlook on her fabulous life is nothing more than inspired dialogue from the 24/7 movie that is her life.

By:|June 3, 2014