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Holy Taco’s 2012 in Review

Lotta stuff went down this year. Grab a drink and check it out!

By:|December 27, 2012


The Morning Jolt: McDonalds

Classic Jim Gaffigan.

By:|December 27, 2012


5 Movie Scenes that Best Represent the Holiday Season

Christmas is over for another year but lest we forget what we love about the holidays, let’s enjoy these stellar movie scenes that really cut to the heart of what we all love about the holidays. Be you Christian, Jew, Muslim or wrong, we can all agree that this is why Jesus was born.

By:|December 26, 2012


The Morning Jolt: Guaranteed

These guys will guarantee to do what they do if you want them to do it.

By:|December 26, 2012


The Fleshlight Box Incident: Christmas Time

Grandma called again since it's Christmas. Here it is for your enjoyment.

By:|December 25, 2012


Ten-Penny the Wizard and the Land of Fat Squirrels

It being Christmas Eve and all, we invite you to gather the family around and read this delightful holiday tale. It's about the holidays in no way at all, but it does feature knobs. So that's something.

By:|December 24, 2012


Reviewing Movies for the End of the World

Today is the last day of the world. If you’re reading this, assume it just hasn’t gotten to you yet. Personally I wonder what time zone the world ends in first. Do the Japanese get it? That’s rough for them. But maybe they get to experience the most of Friday before it happens.

By:|December 21, 2012


The Morning Jolt: It’s the End of the World

It's been nice knowing you all. Really disappointed by the lack of nude photos people sent me.

By:|December 21, 2012


Have a Merry, Tacky Christmas with the Justice Coin

Pull up a Yule log and pour yourself some nog, Holy Taco has a tale of holiday woe and crapitude for you. As you’d expect this time of year, there are many gifts to be bought for many loved ones and people you are obligated to spend time with alike. But what’s the best gift you can purchase for someone this year if by best you mean most horribly exploitative, cheap and trashy? If you guessed the Justice Coin, you were right.

By:|December 20, 2012


The Morning Jolt: Cooking by the Book

4th time I've posted this. Merry Christmas.

By:|December 20, 2012


The 25 Best Things About Krampus

Are you familiar with Krampus? Our Alpine friends cooked him up as a sort of counter to Saint Nicholas. He’s basically a Christmas monster that shows up and punishes bad kids and if they’re particularly bad, they get stuffed in his sack and taken back to the lair. What happens in the lair? Ha ha, festive treats! Or maybe he just eats them, I dunno.

By:|December 19, 2012


The Morning Jolts: Eagle Snatching Baby X 2

This video became the biggest thing on the internet yesterday and then people lined up to show you it's fake. When you look at the debunking vid you may not get it at first glance but it's worth noting the very artificial way both the eagle and baby move when the video is slowed down.

By:|December 19, 2012


How to Be a Mall Santa

So you’ve decided to be society’s version of herpes, good for you! Now is the season when mall Santas are in higher demand than ever because early June mall Santas are usually serial killers who are actually volunteers more often than not. Many positions have already been filled but never forget, this last two weeks is also when many amateur Santas break down and end up incarcerated for public drunkenness, lewdness, theft, arson, devilry, botulism, hate crimes, kidnapping and various other crimes that often include the terms “statutory” or “penis.”

By:|December 18, 2012


The Morning Jolt: Westboro Baptist Questions

Because they're back in the news, here's this quick interview with the WBC.

By:|December 18, 2012


Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the web The trolls were a-tweeting trying to bait a celeb The Redditors were clicking their blue links with glee And online pornographers kept posting videos of pee

By:|December 17, 2012


The Morning Jolt: Best Interview Ever

I have no idea who this man is and I don't care, he just won at being interviewed above all others.

By:|December 17, 2012


Reviewing Movies We Haven’t Seen Yet: Dec 14th

We’re getting close to Christmas which is a weird time for films because studios seem to throw three turds and a gold nugget to audiences every week. Except for last week, of course, which was all turd. Seriously, name a movie that opened last week. You can’t. Anyway, that aside, this week is pretty easy to figure out so let’s get to it.

By:|December 14, 2012


The Morning Jolt: Michelle Jenneke

I recognize win when I see it. The Chive, I want to reshoot this entire video but with me. Me and that dude.

By:|December 14, 2012


Holy Taco’s Holiday Hootenanny

Christmas is almost here unless you’re a heathen in which case nothing is almost here. Nothing. Just another day of you frowning. Why so sad, heathen? That’s what happy people will say. Then, before you can answer, they’ll skip away and forget you exist. Poor heathen.

By:|December 13, 2012


The Morning Jolt: Die Antwoord Live in Texas

This is Die Antwoord live in Austin, Texas. You will watch all 11 minutes of this video.

By:|December 13, 2012